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12th May Wednesday Show & Links


Tonight’s show was about the situation between Israel/Palestine – (the Palestinian-led aggression against Israel, being portrayed by the FMS – fake-stream-media, as an ‘organic’ conflict. England has encouraged the pro-Palestinian protests in London and elsewhere to my great disgust

President Trump’s new website is a great way to instantly know what he is thinking about topics he believes are important – better than Twitter, obviously, (which he’s been banned from), as he can write as much as he likes and can do so without ANY censorship. Our pro-globalist/anti-nationalist world is controlled by the technocractic powers, all of whom are against our God-given freedoms.

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump | Donald J. Trump (donaldjtrump.com)

Pretend injections – making people think they’ve had vaccines – nurses protecting people from the poison, but I’m conflicted with the whole approach – I get it, but don’t, as I believe all of the medical personnel should just say “NO”


Video showing that injections/fake vax have microchips within them:


Apparent video of a hospital in India, (currently being exploited for the Covid-con narrative of ‘variant of concern’:


Video of ‘fake’ Palestinian child’s body being carried along a road:


‘Fake’ mosque attack – obviously, the women who filmed were NOT terrified, as they didn’t even twitch when a ‘bang’ happened over their heads – staged, anyone?!


Coronavirus prosecutions all DROPPED by CPS – AFTER BEING FOUND UNLAWFUL!

All prosecutions under new Coronavirus Act unlawful, review finds | The Independent | The Independent

TikTok clip of pervy Joe Biden! Makes my blood boil…


Upcoming W/WideLi protests against the tyranny:

Link to the funny meme site of ‘Al Gorbachev:

The Frens Justify The Memes: Episode 7 (bitchute.com)

Recommend the following video for purposes of relaxation/mind-break from all the stresses we are going through:

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