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22nd May SATURDAY: Show & Links:

Phil Godlewski ‘Flat Earth/Tesla’ DLive episode: https://dlive.tv/p/philgodlewski+SZTaCHqGg NWO documentary I mentioned: https://archive.org/details/nwocommunism-by-the-backdoor-part-18/NWOCommunismByTheBackdoorPart01.mp4 Vile Islamic pro-terrorist organisation able to speak freely in a London park: Sinister

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13th May Thursday Show and Links:

Globalist agenda, Palestine/Israel, London/WW protests and more: Gov.uk declaration that Covid-19 NOT A HCID: High consequence infectious diseases (HCID) – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) I showed this

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12th May Wednesday Show & Links

https://rumble.com/embed/vee41j/?pub=39p7d Tonight’s show was about the situation between Israel/Palestine – (the Palestinian-led aggression against Israel, being portrayed by the FMS – fake-stream-media, as an ‘organic’

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