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In 10 days’ time I will go on trial for allegedly causing an MP, (who I’m prohibited from naming, under threat of instant imprisonment), alleged ‘harassment’….The facts WILL show that I did absolutely NOTHING wrong.

My legal counsel is connected to ‘Andrew Storch Solicitors’ in Reading; after a somewhat unsuccessful fundraising campaign, I had to lower my sights on who would be representing me in court, (as the Crown prohibited me from cross-examining my accuser – and even SEEING her there, as she has been granted a SCREEN – when people find out who this MP is, they will find the concessions made to my accuser totally unacceptable.

Over the past 3+ years, my self-motivated activism has taken me from Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park to The Houses of Parliament, where I have spent my time challenging what I have judged to be the continual abuse of power by various groups within The Establishment.

I believe in justice and liberty, which are two crucially important aspects of free and democratically run societies, but which I have found out to my cost, (especially over the past 3 years), are no longer rights which English people can rely on to be honoured.

It has been a long, hard journey and I have a few battle scars to show for my efforts, but I’m still standing – thanks in no small part to the amazing moral and financial support of many, many strangers, from all walks of life and from many parts of the globe; some of whom I feel privileged to say have become close friends.

My next chapter and legal challenge is quickly approaching – I am going on trial for having used my rights as a ‘free’ citizen of a democratic society – which was for simply question a person in position of power, as to why she was failing in her duties to honour the Referendum result of 2016.

Once the trial is over, I will be free to share much of the details of what has both led to this politically-motivated persecution through the incredible abuse of power which has been committed by those who have always been in respected positions of authority, (besides the Fake Media, of course)!

The encounters are available on this website, but I can’t link them, as all is being monitored very closely and I don’t particularly want to be thrown in prison prior to my kangaroo trial, (as I need to prepare my case).

I am at the point where I have raised sufficient funds for the employ of a lesser experienced barrister – although, with the nature of how courts are run today, I would feel better if I had a bit of a cushion in order to allow for unforeseen expenses.

If any out there feel kind enough to contribute to my legal fund, it would be great if you could direct deposit into my special legal account set-up for this case through my bank:

Halifax – sort code: 11-03-86 account: 12303662 and Dalla Mura is the account name.

Otherwise, the ‘Paypal.me/basedamy is great, as is ‘basedamy.com/support.

I am hoping to get people up to speed this week with were we’ve been and where we’re going…

Thank you to all of you generous people – it means so much to me….moral support is a life-changer.

I raised £2200 as of last night – which should cover the basic cost of my trial – always have hidden costs….but I will get my statement up tomorrow to show all where we are.

Thanks to all!! You ROCK!

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