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RALLY in Cincinnati, Ohio, BY THE BEST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE USA!!! 1st August, 2019…

President Trump Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Genuinely, this amazing man will go down in history, as being the most patriotic AND successful US President of ALL TIME…I feel privileged being alive during this critical time in our History and to experience what he is achieving, in real time and to bear witness to his incredible success, AGAINST ALL odds – including, the undermining, insulting and plotting by the Globalist elites, who have and still are doing their damnedest to get him out of office, by hook-or-by-crook….99% of it is by ‘crook’, BEFORE his time is due.

Despite this, I believe, (as do many incredible patriots, working behind the scenes), that President Trump has it all in hand – he has a PLAN and he’s carrying it out – although, I think that even he has been surprised at just how evil so many people are, have been and will continue to be. However, through the teams he has placed around him, he has been making sure that they have been gathering up all of the evidence they need in order to bring much of these evil people to justice. Having said this, it is painful to stand back and wait, as personally, I’ve been waiting for DECADES for justice to be served, (since Clinton was President); but I have been told many, many times that I need to have faith and patience and believe that it will all be put right in the end.

It has been shocking and very distressing to watch, (almost from the moment he declared his decision to run for office of the US President, way back in the summer of 2015); one of the worst aspects of it all, has been seeing and hearing so many ‘regular,’ everyday people falling for all of the horrendous anti-Trump BIAS and downright LIES being propagated by the media, politicians and even many world leaders, ESPECIALLY, British and American ones!

The ‘Globalist’ penny dropped for me one day, about the NWO/OWO, which JFK warned the world about just prior to his assassination, (who killed JFK? I think I know)…..

Anyway, may God bless this man; in actual fact, I believe He, (yes, God), has already and He will continue to do so and I’m NOT even that religious, lol)!

I am praying that the evil seditious and anti-American and especially the un-American schemers & plotters will ALL be brought to justice, once-and-for-all, very, very, VERY soon!!



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