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James Goddard – Home Truths I Was ‘Forced’ to Share…

The attached video is pretty self-explanatory, although, I do know that many, many people will struggle to understand the reasons for me doing this publicly and that is because those people don’t know the full story.

It genuinely pained me to do it, but I couldn’t take another minute more of James’ antics. He had done NOTHING illegal, with regards to his Soubry encounters and being the apparent, ‘Free Speech’ Political Activist he calls himself, I fully expected him to fight the charges in court.

He had a rock solid defense, which had been prepared for him by Mr John Hurst, based on our ancient Common Law Rights given to us through The Constitution of 1688/89 and The Magna Carta of 1215. It was an amazing opportunity for James to put The Establishment in their place, but instead, he caved-in to his morbid fear of being sent to prison and threw in the towel.

As many people who come across this will not have seen the original footage of the incidents in question concerning Anna Soubry MP, I will also attach them below….


This is part of an email I received from a fellow political activist on the 24th, just the day after his sentencing and of my video criticism of him…..  “I was trying to get Anna Soubry to come over and then ask her how she felt about helping to destroy Free Speech in the UK. But I suddenly realised that it wasn’t Anna (Soubry) that done that, it was James Goddard that has done that. So I retreated and waited to try and speak to someone else”. 

This is truly a devastating statement, but the sad thing is, that I don’t believe that James will learn from it – he just won’t accept that his actions have severely impacted our ability to share our critical thoughts with crooked MPs!


Part II to follow…..

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