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There is a call for a national shutdown in France on Saturday, the 22nd June, 2019. Fuel and electricity prices have increased by almost 6%, which is unaffordable for the French people – although, the full story of what is really going on for the good people of France is being kept from the world….their whole way of life has been horribly damaged by the EU policies of the past 20+ years….


For 30 Saturdays in a row, in towns and cities all over France, groups of French citizens, most wearing the ‘Yellow Vests’, (Gilets Jaunes), have taken to the streets in peaceful protest, (except when people with sabotage in mind, took part)…calling for the resignation of Macron.

They have suffered greatly for their bravery – some even losing their lives, many losing an eye and some have lost their hands, due to the explosive devices deployed by the ‘French’ gendarmerie AND members of the EU Army!

Incredibly, even though this has been going on for months, just across The English Channel, I feel certain that if I asked anyone on the streets of London or elsewhere, I would find that 99% of those people would have NO idea who the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ even are, let alone the massive unrest, which has gone on for many months.

The main reason for this is that I discovered that our government, (probably along with the EU), requested the media to have a ‘blackout’, by issuing a ‘D Notice’; (‘D Notice’ is a request by the government to the national media not to publish stories about specific issues, which could endanger NATIONAL SECURITY). The media to its disgrace, has pretty much complied. I believe that our government is terrified of the Yellow Vest movement, because of Brexit.

The world we live in is almost unrecognisable to the one I grew up in; I never imagined that such mass ignorance, apathy or cognitive dissonance that I have personally witnessed, could prevail in so-called ‘Free’ societies, but they do. It is extremely frightening and so disturbing and I know that it has all been managed to be so by groups of extremely powerful people.

The Time we live in is so pivotal and yet so many, many people are 100% ignorant of just how pivotal it is for the future happiness of the generations of people who are actually alive NOW!!

After witnessing the weekly turmoil, which seemed to engulf Paris, for several months, I decided to go and see for myself, what was going on, as I couldn’t understand why there were not more people talking about it nor could I understand how President Macron could almost completely ignore these tumultuous Saturday events, calling for his resignation.

Not knowing how much danger I would find myself in, I took a gas mask and goggles for protection. I travelled with two men on an overnight coach from London to Paris on the 22nd March and we arrived at about 6.30am on the Saturday morning, the 23rd

Not long after our arrival, both of my companions managed to get themselves arrested, (without having done anything wrong, as both arrests happened whilst they were both live-streaming). I managed to avoid capture, (although I found out the next day just how close I too, had come to getting jailed).

What I witness over the following 24 hours was pretty depressing. I could not believe my eyes; whilst a small number of people, (relative to the population), were risking life and limb for ‘Freedom’, the rest were merrily going about their business; whether tourist or native Parisienne! I kid you not –

On that Saturday afternoon, I was on the Champs-Elysees at the l’arc de Triomphe end, (where the Gilets Jaunes were attempting to make their way towards) and yet all around me, people were wandering calmly along, shopping sipping drinks, lounging outside cafes, seemingly, without a care in the world! Very surreal and disturbing to witness. As it happened, the massive deployment of police managed to prevent the peaceful protesters from making it up to the l’arc de Triomphe.

This is a link to what I experienced on the Champs-Elysees – Here is my Periscope broadcast of some of what I witnessed.


I am very, very concerned about the truth not getting out….I would ask that everyone who can, please, please share the evidence and truth about what is REALLY happening in France….

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