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INFOWARS’ ALEX JONES Interviewed Me on Thursday, 6th June!

I have been honoured with an interview by Alex Jones, of the infamous ‘InfoWars’ Channel, for my rebellious act of slashing and ‘wounding’ the horrendously embarrassing and demeaning Trump ‘Blimp’ on Tuesday, 4th June.

For most of my adult life, I have watched and listened to Alex Jones of InfoWars’ fame and have been amazed with his insight, foresight and especially for his bravery of talking about many controversial and very sinister events which are happening and which have happened in our world over the past few decades.

Despite an onslaught of attacks, he has continued with his mission of spreading his knowledge about what he has discovered, (with the mainly corrupt goings-on, not just of many world leaders, but especially to do with the lying, fake media, hence the name of his show!

I confess, that there have been a few times when I have doubted some of his more controversial statements – (I think I’d be a bit strange if I believed EVERYTHING I was told)! However, what he has stated about the mainstream media is indisputable! This is one reason why I chose to speak with him FIRST, about my exploits on my birthday, June 4th, whilst President Trump was visiting the UK on his official ‘State’ visit.

What ensued was a very pleasant conversation and I do hope that people enjoyed the interview. I will attach the footage below.

Alex Jones of InfoWars and Me!

It was a lovely experience and one which I will treasure forever! (My first ‘big’ interview)….Thank you, Alex and team!

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