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Count Dankula & Freedom of Speech – Glasgow/London…EU/BREXIT!

I awoke early, fully expecting to have a quiet day, recuperating from my adventures yesterday; however, everything changed as soon as I checked my Twitter feed and saw that there was a ‘Free Count Dankula March’ in London from 1-4 pm!!  I somehow missed seeing the advertising of that event – and just assumed that, as his court case was happening in Glasgow and that his sentence hadn’t yet been determined, nothing would be arranged until after the sentencing.

Anyway, as my legs weren’t as bad as I feared they’d be, I quickly decided that I wanted to participate in the march, as I personally feel that any event that involves Free Speech being under threat, needs the utmost effort.

On a whim, I contacted Brigitte  to see whether she might be able to go and was very happy when she said she could and arranged to rendez-vous in Leicester Square, from where the march was starting.

(Fortunately, my dog Poppy was still at Pangdean Farm, so I didn’t have to worry about her)…

I made my way up to Victoria and then to Leicester Square, but was very frustrated to find out that I had missed the start of the march – as it had taken quite an effort to get there and the march was a big part of the event….Anyway, I contacted Brigitte and she told me that the marchers were all moving very quickly, and that I should just make my way over to Downing Street, where the speeches were due to be held.

I eventually arrived and was quite impressed with the size of the crowd, as it was a workday…  The purpose of the event was to speak out against the suppression of our free speech and also against the ‘sentence’ of Count Dankula.  As it happened, he was given an £800 fine, so, small mercy that he was not imprisoned, but STILL infuriating that he had been convicted of a crime, as this has now set a precedent for all future cases of a joke being perceived as an offensive act.  To make things simpler, I will include the video of what he actually did at the end of this blog.

After the set speakers finished, the announcer said that anyone could make speeches, etc., if they so chose…..eventually, Brigitte asked me if I wanted to say anything – and even though I had nothing prepared, I said I would give it a go……Unfortunately, time ran out before I had a chance…

I crossed the road and a guy who had a ‘Free Speech’ sign asked me to take his photo, which I did and then I had mine taken by him, also holding his home-made board….

Met back up with Steve and Brigitte and we made our way towards a pub – but once we were across from Parliament Square, I espied MORE EU flags hanging up on the same fencing as were there on Sunday!!  NOT FOR LONG!  We went over, Steve took my phone to film and I proceeded to take down the 6 more offending EU rags!


Soon after I took the last one down, (which both Steve and Brigitte filmed), I put them in Brigitte’s bag, which was just as well, as before we knew it, Steve spotted the obvious owner of the flags – (a twerp of a bloke, draped in EU crap), charging towards us!

He thought I had his flags, but I told him the truth, (as I didn’t actually HAVE them)!  We then proceeded to have a pro/anti-EU debate – he was a typical Remoaner – no clue – no facts…we demolished him and he scuttled away with two of his Remoaner ‘friends’…

As it was still early, I’d hoped to be able to film inside The Houses of Parliament on Periscope, but just AFTER I collected the ‘Debate’ pass, I realised that I had some unfortunate items in my bag – so I couldn’t go in!!!

Instead, I saw a group of people across the way, with bloody EU flags and banners, situated across the road from Parliament, doing an anti-Brexit protest.  Well, of course, I couldn’t resist and off I charged, to challenge these idiots to more debate about the outrage that is the ‘EU’….. I spent much longer than planned, but had fun taking all and sundry on – none of whom were able to give me any legitimate reasons for why they want to overturn our democratic vote for BREXIT:


Brigitte, Steve and I then made our way to a nearby pub, which is located across from the Houses of Parliament and spent several hours reminiscing about the past few weeks’ adventures.  It was great fun!

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