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News in Brief! USA & UK…

  • President Trump’s summer visit to the UK is officially announced – it will take place on Friday July 13th, but to my huge annoyance, it will apparently only be a one day, working one….All due to horrible people, who are clueless and THINK that they hate him!
  • Sadiq Khant, has given a veiled warning to President Trump, by suggesting that people opposed to him will be out in force for President Trump’s visit.
  • Alfie’s parents are still working on both getting him released AND getting him to Italy. ┬áLatest news is that Alfie’s father has asked supporters to help build a bridge between them and the hospital, by lessening their anger.
  • Bill Cosby has been found guilty, after a retrial, on three counts of sexual assault against Andrea Constand.
  • Mike Pompeo has been sworn-in as the new Secretary of State for the U.S.A. (The Senate vote was 57-42.
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