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16th June 2021:
DYSTOPIA, ANYONE? My conclusion is that the globalists do not want regular
people hearing the bias nor hear how rational Putin is as opposed to how they
portray him…..purely conjecture on my part….
Putin: Let’s give the floor to foreign journalist Matthew Chance.
Matthew: (05:03)
Hi, I’m Matthew Chance from CNN. Thank you very much for giving me this
question. First of all, could you characterize the dynamic between yourself and
President Biden, was it hostile or was it friendly? And secondly, throughout these
conversations, did you commit to ceasing carrying out cyber attacks on the United
States? Did you commit to stopping threatening Ukraine security? And did you
commit to stop cracking down on the opposition in Russia?
Vladimir Putin: (05:36)
As for the overall assessment, I believe there has been no hostility. On the
contrary, our meeting took place in constructive spirit. Indeed we have the right
assessments on a number of issues. First, both sides expressed their intention to
understand each other, and to seek common ground, talks were quite
constructive. As for cybersecurity, we agreed that we would begin consultations
in this respect. I believe it is extremely important.
Vladimir Putin: (06:47)
As for responsibilities and who should take them, let me brief you on matters that
are common knowledge but probably not everybody is aware of that. US sources,
I don’t want to make a mistake here as to the name of this organization, but the
US sources claim that the majority of cyber attacks are made from the US
territory. The second one is Canada, then two Latin American states, and then the
UK. As for Russia, it is not listed in this ranking of countries that see the most
significant number of cyber attacks from their territory. That’s one thing.
Vladimir Putin: (07:23)
Secondly, 2020 we have received 10 requests regarding cyber attacks attacks on the US infrastructure. As our colleagues put it, these cyber attacks were launched
from the Russian territory. And we received two such requests this year, and on
all of these requests, our colleagues received exhaustive answers.
Vladimir Putin: (07:51)
On it’s turn, Russia sent last year 45 such requests to the relevant agencies of the
United States, and this year we sent 35 requests, and no response has been
provided so far. That says that we have a lot of work on. And as for the scale of
responsibilities and who should take them, it should be decided within
negotiations. We agreed that we would start such consultations, and we believe
that the cyber security area is extremely important in the world at large, for the
United States in particular. As well as for the Russian confederation to the same
Vladimir Putin: (08:39)
For instance, we know about cyber attacks against five aligned organization in the
United States, and we know that this company had to pay a ransom of $5 million
USD. According to my information, there were returned to some parts of this
money from electronic wallets, but some parts of this money is still missing, but
what does and what do Russian authorities have to do with this? We face the
similar threats when it comes to one of the key Russian regions and it’s healthcare
system, and we see where theses cyber attacks are launched form, we see that
these attacks are coordinated from the United States territory. I don’t think that
the United States authorities are interested in such manipulations. We need to
get rid of all kinds of insinuations and innuendo, and we should launch the expert
work for the benefits of the United States and the Russian Federation. We have
reached an agreement in principle and Russia is ready to do that.
Speaker 2: (09:57)
Arty, please give the mic to Arty. I believe some parts of the question was not
Matthew: (10:06)
That’s correct. And thank you very much for coming back to me, sir. So there were
two other parts of the question. The first one is, did you commit in these
meetings to stop threatening Ukraine? Remember the reason this summit was
called in the first place, or the timing of it, was when Russia was building up lots
of forces across the border. And the second part of the question, or third part of
the question, was did you commit to stopping your crackdown against the
opposition groups inside Russia led by Alexie Navalny?Vladimir Putin: (10:36)
Well, to be honest this part of the question was not interpreted, or maybe you
decided to ask a second part of your question. But with regards to commitments
to Ukraine, I have one single commitment to help and facilitate the
implementation of the Minsk Agreements if Ukrainian side is ready to do that, we
are ready to follow this part without any doubts. Let me draw your attention to
one thing, in November 2020 the Ukrainian delegation presented its ideas on how
it tends to implement the Minsk agreements and it’s not a confidential document.
It stipulates that first of all, proposals on the political integration of Donbas to the
Ukrainian legal system should be presented as well as to the constitution. To this
hand, constitution should be amended. It is stipulated there, that’s the first thing.
Vladimir Putin: (11:35)
And secondly, borders between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. The Donbas
line, this security situation should be ensured the next day after the election,
that’s article nine. So what did Ukraine propose? As a first step they proposed to
return the Ukrainian armed forces to their permanent stationing areas. Ukrainian
armed forces should be deployed in Donbas. That’s the first thing.
Vladimir Putin: (12:09)
And secondly, they propose to close Ukrainian-Russian border in this area. And
third, to hold elections three months after these two steps.
Vladimir Putin: (12:25)
One doesn’t need to be a lawyer, and one doesn’t need to have special
experience to understand that it hasn’t nothing to do with the Minsk Agreements.
It contradicts fully to the Minsk Agreements. So what kinds of additional
obligations should Russia take care? I believe that the answer is pretty
Vladimir Putin: (12:45)
As for the exercises, we’re holding these exercises in our territory, just like the
United States does with regards to many drills. But we do not hold our exercises
by deploying the military equipment close to the US border. Unfortunately that’s
what the American partners are doing with regards to our border. So we need to
have these concerns, not them. But this is the subject of discussion and of
clarifying positions.
Vladimir Putin: (13:17)
With regards to our non-systemic opposition and a citizen that you have
mentioned, first this person knew full well that he violates the law that exists in
Russia, and he had… Do you understand that he is a person that is a repeated offender? He deliberately violated this law. He went abroad to receive medical
treatment. And once he went out of hospital and posted his videos online, a
Vladimir Putin: (14:01)
Online, a requirement appeared, but he ignored the requirement of the law, and
he knew full well that he’s wanted. Nevertheless, he came back to Russia, and he
deliberately wanted to be arrested, so he did what he wanted to do. What can we
say here?
Vladimir Putin: (14:24)
With regard to persons like himself and the systemic opposition at large,
unfortunately, the format of the press conference does not allow us to have a
detailed conversation on that. But let me say the following. I believe that it’s
pretty simple, and it would be clear to everyone, and if you could just have an
unbiased coverage of this, I would appreciate it.
Vladimir Putin: (14:52)
The United States declared Russia as its enemy and adversary, and the Congress
made it back in 2017. The US legislation have provisions that the United States
should support the order and rule of democratic order in our country and support
democratic organizations. And it is all contained in your legislation.
Vladimir Putin: (15:23)
Let us ask a question. If Russia is an enemy, then what kind of organizations would
be supported by the United States in Russia? I believe these are not organizations
that make Russia stronger, but those who deter Russia, and that is the goal of the
United States that they made public. These are organizations and people that
help implement the US policy on the Russian track.
Vladimir Putin: (15:57)
What should be our take on this? I believe that clearly, we should be cautious
about it, but we would be guided and would react [inaudible 00:16:09] Russian
Vladimir Putin: (27:38)
ABC News, please, our American partners. (silence)
ABC Reporter 1: (28:00)
A quick follow-up if I may, sir. The list of your political opponents who are dead,
prisoned, or jailed is long. Alexei Navalny’s organization calls for free and fair elections and end to corruption, but Russia has outlawed that organization calling
it extremist. And you have now prevented anyone who supports him to run for
office. So my question is Mr. President, what are you so afraid of?
Vladimir Putin: (28:30)
Let me just reiterate what I’ve just said on the “so-called” foreign agents and
people who portray themselves as the non-systemic opposition. I think I’ve
responded to your CNN colleagues, but I think this the rules of the game so I have
to repeat it when I repeat it to your question. Okay, fine by me, I can do it.
Vladimir Putin: (29:03)
The United States has a law that spells out that the United States will support
specific candidates and organizations in Russia. At the same time, the Russian
Federation was labeled as an adversary. They went on the record and said
publicly that they will stymie the development of Russia. It begs the question,
what kind of organizations the United States and the West will be supporting and
pay them if we are an adversary?
Vladimir Putin: (29:39)
It’s quite clear that, like the United States back in the thirties, we’ve labeled them
as foreign agents but we haven’t banned them. I mean, they can operate all right.
If you are labeled as a foreign agent, that does not preclude you from operating in
the country. Well, if it’s an extremist organization, that’s a whole different story.
The organization in question, publicly, has called for riots and public disorder. It
has openly instructed people in how to make Molotov cocktails so to use them
against law enforcement. It called for the participation of underaged persons in
riots. America has just recently went through a grievous chain of events after a
certain African-American individual was killed and an entire movement, the Black
Lives Matter movement, appeared. I’m not going to go into details, I will spare
you of them. But we’ve seen programs, we have seen looting and violations and
riots. We sympathize with the Americans but we do not want for the same thing
to happen on Russian soil, and we’ll do anything possible to prevent this. And it’s
not about me fearing anything. If you want to think that…
Vladimir Putin: (31:10)
Can you please give the mic?
Reporter 1: (31:10)
You didn’t answer my question, sir. If all of your political opponents are dead in
prison, poisoned, doesn’t that send a message that you do not want a fair political
fight?Vladimir Putin: (31:28)
All right. About my opponents being jailed or imprisoned. People went into US
Congress with political demands. 400 people now facing criminal charges. They
are facing prison terms of up to 20, maybe 25 years. They are called homegrown
terrorists. They are being accused of many other things. 70 people were arrested
right there on the spot, 30 of them are still arrested. On what grounds? Not quite
clear. I mean, none of the official authorities from the States are informing us
about it, so we don’t know that. One of the participants, a woman, was shot dead
on the spot. She was not threatening with anything.
Vladimir Putin: (32:28)
Why am I bringing this up? Many people are facing the same things as we do. And
I am stressing this. We are sympathizing with the United States, but we do not
want the same thing repeating here. A couple more questions, please.
MC: (46:21)
BBC news please.
Stephen Rosenberg: (46:30)
Mr. President, Joe Biden calls for a stable and predictable relationship with Russia,
however, the west believes that unpredictability is a trait of the Russian policy.
Are you ready to forego instability to improve the relationship with the west?
Vladimir Putin: (46:56)
It was difficult to follow the logic, I’m really envious. It’s like a contradiction of
terms, you said the west believes, and the second part, are you ready to forego
this? Well if the west believes this then it doesn’t mean that this is the objective
truth. Let me address your question in parts to dissect it. You said that the west
believes that Russian policy is unpredictable, well let me reciprocate the US
withdrawal from the ADM Treaty in 2002 was unpredictable. Why would they do
that and undermine the basis of the strategic stability.
Vladimir Putin: (47:43)
The [inaudible 00:47:44] treaty withdrawal in 2019, is that what you call stability?
The Open Skies Agreement withdrawal, is that what you call stability? There is
almost no legs to stand upon, well thankfully the star treaty was saved, I’m
grateful that President Biden has made a wise decision to extend the new start
treaty for five years. Now take the situation in and around Ukraine, the Crimea,
this was where it all started, right? Let me [inaudible 00:48:22] the question, what
was stable about supporting a coup de’etat, an uprising in Ukraine? The present Yanokovich was ready to announce new elections and agree with all the
demands. No, no, it wouldn’t work, you would have to go with the coup, the
ramifications that followed, the Crimea, the eastern Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin: (48:46)
You are saying that we are seeking instability? Well I don’t think so. In my mind,
we see differently, we don’t think in these terms, we think we are trying to create
stability, but for the situation to be stable we need, and agreed, set the rules of
contact across all areas. The strategic stability, the cyber security, the regional
conflicts. I think that we can agree on these things, and I have an impression that
we can agree.
Vladimir Putin: (35:28)
Yeah. A lady. Please give the floor to the lady. She will rock my world here.
Ann Simmons: (35:35)
Ann Simmons, Wall Street Journal. [foreign language 00:35:39]
Ann Simmons: (35:39)
A couple of years ago, you met President Biden when he was Vice President and
he said that he looked into your eyes and he didn’t see a soul there. And you said,
“Well, that means that we understand each other.” Did you look into his eyes,
and what did you see here? Did you see a person that you can work with? And
please tell me, has President Biden invited you to the White House? If that is the
case, did you agree to go there?
Vladimir Putin: (36:24)
Well, President Biden did not invite me and I haven’t made the relevant invitation
myself. I believe that for such meetings and for such visits to happen, there
should be conditions that should be ripe. As for looking into the eyes and seeing a
soul, or not seeing anything, it’s not the first time that I hear that. To be honest, I
don’t remember such conversation, but I assume that it could have happened. If
you ask me what kind of a person and interlocutor President Biden is, I can say
that he is a constructive person, well-balanced and experienced seasoned
politician and I expected that. He recalled his family and conversations he had
with his mother. Well, these things don’t have directly something to do with our business, but nonetheless, it shows his qualities and his moral values. It is all
appealing, and I believe that we spoke the same language.
Vladimir Putin: (37:49)
It doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to look into the eyes and see the soul,
and to pledge eternal love. We defend the national interests of our countries. And
these relationships are always based on pragmatism. Andrei, please. You have the

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