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15th April, Thursday Show Links:

The link to the show: https://dlive.tv/p/basedamy+-7YVdhuGR

Links within the show:

Google Drive on adverse reactions to vax worldwide:


Sun article on ‘Surge Testing’:


Alex Bellfield’s episode on Boris and MAJOR awards to Chinese based companies for TESTING KITS!! (Which don’t work):



Innova link: Innova Medical Group Rapid Antigen Tests

Fox News Link I briefly visited and spoke about: (4) Kayleigh McEnany says radical left ‘really running the show,’ not Biden – YouTube

Danish Health Minister Collapses on LIVE TV, (Gateway Punit link):

The Head of Denmark’s Health Agency Keels Over and Drops Unconscious During Presser on Decision to Stop Using AstraZeneca Vaccines – She Happens to Be Vaccinated

Project Veritas & CNN (part 3):

(2) PART 3: Chester Says CNN ‘Trying To Help’ Black Lives Matter By Protecting Group’s Narrative On Race – YouTube

The ‘light ending to my show’ video – of the bizarre synchronised walking from Japan:

(2) MUST WATCH-THE FUNNIEST Synchronized Walking – YouTube

Link to my ‘Based Amy’ Telegram main channel, which I referenced for some videos concerning, (Deep-State orchestrated), riots in US: https://t.me/Based_AmyNews

My Discord channel link: https://discord.gg/nAuf67M5

Thank you for watching!

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