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British Justice?! Don’t Make Me Laugh!! Tommy’s ‘Trial’

Once upon a time, there was such a ‘thing’ which was referred to as ‘British Justice’ – which, I believed, (until not very long ago), represented fairness and objectivity and that anyone who had the misfortune of having to face it, could at least rely on being considered ‘innocent until being proven guilty.’

HOW WRONG HAVE I BEEN?!! (VERY)…Tragically, British ‘justice’ exists in name only….no better than a ‘Banana Republic’. This conclusion is drawn from my own PERSONAL experiences, just from last year alone….(not to mention how horrendously I was treated back in 2007).

Tommy Robinson’s trials at the hands of the British Establishment have been revealed to the world, but ONLY in a wholly biased manner. The only way that people can find out the TRUTH behind what he is being put through, is via social media, especially You Tube.

He is currently running for office as an MEP, (Member of The European Parliament), although he’s campaigning as though he was running for local or national elections, which are very different kettles of fish…..Thankfully, his chances of being elected as an MEP are much greater than if he was running for national office.

Tommy is having to endure yet another prosecution by The State….over a case which had been thrown-out/trashed by the most senior judge in the Land…..The AG, William Cox, is going for a ridiculous charge – something to do with having upset a CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE….GROOMING GANG MEMBER!! British justice has fallen to its lowest depths…

I was outside the Old Bailey on Tuesday, 14th May, showing my support for Tommy, whilst trolling any LameStream, FakeStream media people I came across….I uploaded some of the interactions onto You Tube, (‘Based Amy’), and have one more episode to go…’Trolling The Media’ comes in 3 parts..

Part 1:


And Part 2:


As I’m only a one woman band – I’d really appreciate people sharing my videos out, as I feel they manage to expose the reality of how dire Britain’s political, social and legal situations are….(Whether you like me or my opinions or not, I do believe that I am exposing what is going on – which should disturb all good people)….We ARE living in George Orwell’s (prophetic), 1984…

Tommy Robinson is suffering persecution, due to his work of exposing the horrendous cover-ups of the mass epidemic of the decades of the Establishment’s hiding and ignoring the proliferation of Islamic raping gangs, throughout the UK, but which is rampant in the north of England…

Tommy is due on trial on the 4th and 5th July…..PRAY….

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