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Why “Bacon Lady?”…..(Speaker’s Corner, 18th March, 2018)….”I’ve got BACON..”

On 18th March, 2018, I confronted some well-Known Muslims at Speaker’s Corner in London, as they were trying to shut down Tommy Robinson’s Free Speech event. I saw an opportunity to speak to some of them and the confrontation was caught by myself on Periscope and (I later discovered), on Ali Dawah’s You Tube channel!!

Just before I appeared in their stream, the jihadis were trying to form an offensive line – as you will hear and see on the attached footage, so without realising it, I inadvertently, managed to prevent a potential disaster!

Please listen very carefully, to what these men were saying, before I came into the frame:

To my utter joy, someone did a ‘Thug Life’ meme of this!

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  1. ‘Give me liberty or give me death‘, Patrick Henry gave a historic speech to the Congress in March 23, 1775. He was one of the founding fathers of the USA.

  2. Thank you very much! I don’t have much ‘traffic’ to my website, so am a bit remiss in updating things….I appreciate your lovely remarks and will carry on updating more often!

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