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Debate with Female British ‘Convert’ – Speaker’s Corner…Easter Sunday.

Nothing frustrates me more than speaking with a brainwashed woman convert!! This woman was AWFUL! (Mind you, her son was even worse – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree)!!


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One Response

  1. It’s hard to make out the words being as deaf as I am but I can’t believe they all surrounded you calling you a filthy racist. Is Britain really going to let the Muslims take over the country? I did hear them say we love you, you are Islamophobia. Amy I was married to a Muslim at 18 and they are never honest. They will lie just to get their way. They feel empowered. When I woke up a year later I realized what I was in. Remember God told Abraham had 2 sons….Issac and Ishmael. God specifically saved Issac and sent Ishmael to the wilderness. He specifically said Abraham was the father to all nations, not Ishmael. So Islam was a made up story because Mohammed wanted to marry a young girl. You have God on your side. Don’t ever forget that. Between God and the US, we’ve got your back!

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