“Free Speech, BABY”!!

I was just surfing YouTube videos about Speakers’ Corner and couldn’t believe my eyes, when I spotted myself in the crowd – joining in with people in the crowd yelling out, “Free Speech”!!

Update on Speakers’ Corner & Sevenoaks’ events…

My Periscope covered the situation as it now stands, with the police making an effort, at least, to enforce some of the Royal Parks’ regulations, with regards to music and praying. There was a hilarious ‘Thug Life’meme made of the police, (after the Sergeant informed Mohammed that they will NOT be leaving…).
The amount of discussion that my actions have prompted is pretty mind-blowing! To this point, the footage of my actions has gone viral – over 1.8 million views, just on Tommy Robinson’s FB page alone!
My Twitter feed has gone bonkers since Easter Sunday!
I also covered what happened in Sevenoaks on Saturday the 14th with the ‘Antifa’ and members of Generation Identity. The latter group held a conference, (the topic of which was the Islamification of Europe), in a location which had been changed at the last minute, due to security reasons, as the original venue was sabotaged by Left groups!
The meeting was closed early, due to the news that Antifa had found out where they were and were on their way to shut them down.
The group went outside and were met with hostility and violence. One man, who was wearing a brown baseball cap and screamed out that ‘nazis’ were there and encouraged people to attack them!
Unbelievably, I spotted him in a video taken on Sunday, at Speakers’ Corner, almost doing the same thing!!

Ali Dawah and Mohammed Hajib, (of Speakers’ Corner ‘Fame’), Media Statement on My Actions from Easter Sunday, 2018!

Unbelievably, Ali Dawah and Mohammed Hajib decided to make a public statement about their ‘NEW POLICY’ concerning NOT PRAYING in Hyde Park, after MY INTERVENTION!!

Tan the Man, of Speakers’ Corner fame….thanking me..

I was very touched, when Brigitte told Tan that I said ‘Hi’ – and he turned to her and said these very kind words about me:

Speakers’ Corner Meme

One of my lovely supporters put a smile on my face with this Tweet: