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13th August FRIDAY: SHOW & LINKS..

GOD/DNA: https://www.brighteon.com/befa4739-7cf0-4561-a173-3f7026828bdc AZ Legislator Senator Rogers: Press Statement about Cyber Symposium: https://www.thefreedomtimes.com/2021/08/12/az-sen-rogers-announces-election-integrity-caucus-consisting-of-legislators-from-all-50-states/ USA: Link to setting-up Grand Juries: Home – United States County Congress https://t.me/Based_AmyNews/6823

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9th June WEDNESDAY: Show & Links:

England football team continuing to ‘take the BLM knee’, DESPITE a cacophony of BOOS… https://t.me/Based_AmyNews/5607 https://t.me/Based_AmyNews/5608 Joe bitten by ‘cicada’: Brave woman warning the sheeple

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