The OBAMA Deception – Full length Documentary:

I hope this will enlighten many people – as to the true evil of President Obuma!!

28th April – Speaker’s Corner…Police/Muslim prayer….

I met with Marian and Joey of YourVoice America – and went back to Speaker’s Corner, London, to ensure that the police would uphold the law! This is Marian’s footage:

My ripping down EU flags outside Houses of Parliament in London

Clip from a you tube channel – someone uploaded my footage of ripping down the flags and put it to pretty awful music – just hate the ‘F’ word – BUT like the concept!! lol

JustSimon13 Periscope – Great analysis – Police corruption..

Just Simon is an extremely knowledgeable commentator on all things Islamic. He takes footage from the internet and analyses the content utilising factual documents.

This shows how the police have let the British people down. due to their horrific cover-up of the Muslim raping gangs – and on Saturday the 2nd June, after disgusting aggression from the police at the #FreeTommy rally in Whitehall, London, Simon takes footage from the day and explains WHY the people fought back!

Great #Tommy song – to the tune of ‘Hallelujah..

The lyrics are included in this version – but I will also type them out…

I heard there was a secret court
Where journalists weren’t allowed to report
But you don’t really care for freedom do ya?
With blatant judicial overreach
That judge set new limits to freedom of speech.
Why can’t you see it’s how they’re gonna rule ya?

How they’ll rule ya.
How they’ll rule ya.
How they’ll rule ya.
How they’ll ruuule ya.

Debate with Female British ‘Convert’ – Speaker’s Corner…Easter Sunday.

Nothing frustrates me more than speaking with a brainwashed woman convert!! This woman was AWFUL! (Mind you, her son was even worse – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree)!!

New You-Tube Channel created – uploaded ‘THAT’ video!!!

Please visit my new You Tube channel – I will upload more of my videos, (if technology permits)!!

YouTube Channel: ‘Reloaded Insight’: The UK is a Dangerous Police State..

Another report on the latest Stasi-like attitudes of the British Police…(featuring my arrest)….


This is a troubling video – (I do not know the commentator)…documenting the situation we NOW find ourselves in in the UK:

From Tommy Robinson ‘Free Speech’ day – 18th March – Encounters with Bacon Bits…

I came across this footage – it was my ‘Angry Day’ at Speaker’s Corner – when I first challenged Ali Dawah and other jihadis about their ideology and behaviour.

It is over 3 hours long – but people can watch at leisure….

(From 23rd May)..Based Luke’s Periscope on news of MY arrest!! Thank you….

I have only just seen this – Luke is a truly wonderful man – thank you for doing this Periscope…

(BTW Luke – you are totally excused for your swearing during this scope)!! lol!!x

Patriot’s Letter to Her Majesty QEII about MY actions in Hyde Park.

I was sent this link by Cheryl – and couldn’t quite believe my ears!! Thank you to the man who wrote the amazing letter to Her Majesty!!

YouTube discussion about my arrest…surreal…

I have to say that it is surreal, to say the least, to randomly come across YouTube videos which concern me!

Fortunately, most of them are positive and this one is one where two people discuss my actions at Speaker’s Corner in April and my arrest 11 days ago – and how distressing and confusing they both find it….

Article from Caldronpool about what has happened to me…..

I came across Caldronpool website by chance and found this:

Funny You-Tuber: Vee, from Romania – Talks about me late on..

This You Tuber has a pretty hilarious take on current events – we need many more of Veehs!!
He happened to mention me towards the end of this video – to say that he will be interviewing me for his channel soon!

I look forward to it….

GREAT: GoFundMe – I achieved my GOAL…Thank you!!

Before I sign-off for sleep – I must thank everyone who generously contributed to my getting to Manchester Fund – for 2nd june – Amazing!!

The First names of these lovely people are: Luke Lina, Joel, Cherie, Simon, Jacqueline, Pam and Stanley!! Amazing…

Will report from Manchester – please pray for peaceful event…


All – and all those who have contributed to my PayPal legal fund – you should hear from me very soon!!

Thank you Joel – Superstar!!

@English909 – Periscope: TheEnglish909 radio – PATRIOTIC!!!Ww

I was contacted by the host of this online radio show – tuned-in and heard my name!! Wow – it is a patriotic, straight-talking show – Critical of Islam – and plays great music!!
The link is here:

Justice For Our Boys March…28th May, 2018 London..

This was a very moving event – the injustice of the handling of this case is immeasurable …. I’m heard chastising the police at points during Red Pill Phil’s video…

Crazy times…

It is quite incredible how things have evolved in a very, very short space of time – from events in Speaker’s Corner, where I have previously challenged the police for not upholding the law, (with regards to ‘public assembly’ and Muslim prayer); to being, (falsely), accused of a homophobic hate crime and assault for telling a man to “Have a gay day” and having to push him back after he came at me aggressively, physically intimidating me, with his finger in my face and towering over me!

I genuinely cannot believe the madness which has unfolded, (and is STILL unfolding), as a result!

My saving grace was that I managed to livestream several disturbing encounters with the police, (concerning the ridiculous remark), and also live streamed the discussions I had with the police at Speaker’s Corner! The following is an article, which has linked the two, without checking with me first……connected? Who knows?

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch article….

Things have changed dramatically, in the past 48 hours – my world has been turned upside-down and Robert Spencer of his organisation Jihad Watch has summed it up perfectly:

France – ‘Mass shooting’… or NOT?! #MSM Can NEVER be trusted..

According to various reports, either 3 men with kalashnikovs or 3 cars full of men with kalashnikovs, opened fire on a group of young people in Marseille, France this afternoon,(5pm local time). I would say that there is a helluva difference between the two scenarios… was it 3 gunmen or 3 cars with gunmen?!!

Apparently, ONLY 1 person was injured – despite the fact that French police fired back at the assailants…I’d say that for only 1 person to have been injured, despite the numbers of people firing guns, is a miracle – either that, or the media is HIDING the truth!

It seems incredible, that despite the amount of gunfire at 5pm on a weekday afternoon, in the middle of a major French city, that ONLY 1 person was injured – this, to me, is what I believe is the media and authorities hiding the truth from us, as Islam has now become a protected ideology…

(Having just read Pamela Geller’s report, it seems as though 3 gunmen opened fire from 3 different cars)..Sadly, as history has shown, the media will never reveal the truth and the ONLY way that we can be more sure of what we see, is if a citizen journalist reports ‘Breaking news’ as it happens….

Sunny Sunday London Town!

Well, I feel very fortunate to be spending time in a lovely private club in London, with my good friend Bridget.

It is a gloriously peaceful afternoon..I started off in Chelsea – where beautiful floral displays were being created for the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show and then Poppy & I ended up at an exclusive club – people playing croquet & lawn tennis….very English surroundings…

Great Sunday! Thanks Based Bridget!

Awakening, 2018…

I am doing what I am doing in the fervent hope that The Great Awakening will happen sooner rather than later….

Beautiful day…

Just a quick post – I love this time of year…

Easter Sunday – confronting the Police/Muslims of Speaker’s Corner.

This is a re-posting of this video, which went ‘viral’, thanks to TommyRobinson posting it via his FB page….
I thought I’d repost – as I want to try to keep the memory of this ‘current affairs’ event, fresh in people’s minds.
We have a long battle ahead!

#DayForFreedom – Best bits!! (Milo, Gavin, etc…)☀

It truly was a BRILLIANT experience – (spitting aside)…..met lots of wonderful people and gained new friends – the sense of togetherness for such a critical issue was absolutely heartwarming!

I was fortunate enough to have access to the VIP area and met with some familiar faces – Milo was fantastic! Enjoy:

PHOTOS from top to bottom:
1) Speaker’s Corner, before the march….
2) Tan ‘representative’ in the crowd!
3) Milo looking ‘stunning’ with his ‘bee’ collar, (that’s the reason for the photo)!
4) Raheem Kassam with me.
5) Ann Marie Waters – politician – leader of ‘For Britain’.
6) Milo and me!
7) Gavin McInnes and me…(he’s v eccentric)!

President Trump greets FREED US hostages from N Korea! BRILLIANT!

What a BRILLIANT achievement – President Trump and First Lady Melania greet the three remaining US citizens who’s release he managed to negotiate PRIOR to his summit with Little Rocket Man!


Twitter has given me a 12 hr ‘Time-Out’👀🤬

Just to let everyone know – Shar’ia is in operation in the 🇬🇧 U.K., as the following tweets caused my account to be suspended:


We Were Deceived by Ali & Mo!! What Really Happened?

So, Mohammed Hijab acted as a victim, when he CLEARLY provoked the negative reactions from people – WHY wasn’t he CHARGED by the police – the policeman who wrestled with him was OBVIOUSLY aware of his violent act?!!

Double-standard by British police is truly DISGUSTING!

#DayForFreedom 6th May, 2018👏😎🙏🇬🇧💪🇺🇸🤗

What a great day!!! (I am very sick right now, so will just let photos ‘do the talking’

Congratulations to Tommy and crew!! Brilliant turn-out..💪😎☀️❤️🇬🇧🤗

T-24 hrs and COUNTING!! EXCITING!! ….but, PLEASE pray ….

I was hoping to feel ‘fighting fit’..(NOT in the LITERAL sense of course), for tomorrow, but am fending off some annoying germs…very frustrating…but, regardless, I will be there, NOTHING will stop me!

There are threats to my safety, (as there are to the MAIN protagonists, of course), as my image has been but I will have friends to look after me. I’m hoping that the police WILL do their duty and keep the ‘fascists’ away from us…as the following image and video show, they plan to target us:

Concerning caption by anarchists trying to identify me and others.

Join (Tommy Robinson's) Day for Bigotry.

On May 6th 2018 an assortment of hate preachers will gather in London. This is a spoof video to expose their true agenda. Join the counter demonstration:

Posted by Anti-Capitalist Action on Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Without sounding too melodramatic, please pray for all of us….it is going to be an amazing day…The message is HUGE, no, it’s #YUGE!!

T-48 Until #DayFor Freedom!!💪❤️🇬🇧🔊

Excited to say that we are only two days away from the BIGGEST ‘Free Speech March/Rally’ since I don’t know when!!!

YUGE BABY!! ❤️🙏🇬🇧💪

Wednesday ….anti-FreeSpeech ‘antifa’ THREATENING VIOLENCE!

Posts on social media platforms by different groups threatening violence against innocent protesters, is concerning…

London-Bound! 😊

Am travelling up to London on a beautifully sunny day! Mother Nature is playing with us – it has been FREEZING cold for several days, but not today – temperature reads low 52, BUT, in the ☀️ it’s lovely!!

Wonder if I’ll be adding to my EU flag collection – will have a friendly chat with anyone who wants to stop me from removing the traitorous rags?!! 😂💪🇬🇧

I’ll be in a rush, (once I arrive at Victoria), as my train is running late…

I’m looking forward to hearing what Congressman Mike Gallagher has to say about Russia 🇷🇺 & Syria 🇸🇾….(I totally disagree with the official stance of the US)…not sure what the set-up will be – hoping we get to ask questions….🤔

Catch you later…(if I can Periscope within the venue, I will)…🙏❤️🇬🇧❤️🇺🇸

What Fundamental Muslims REALLY think…..

The video should speak for itself….please show this to all pro-Islamic friends and family….education is the KEY!!

Tan of Speaker’s Corner – (on April 5th, 2018) – Said, ‘Hello’ to me…..

I was so moved by this wonderfully warm man – he said some lovely remarks to the camera, addressed to me….(especially, as he has since been banned from the UK)!

Analysis of More Speaker’s Corner Debates by JustSimon….

I spent a few hours on Sunday afternoon at Speaker’s Corner, where I had intended to produce legal documentation to the Park police and discuss their continuing confusion about their duties with regards to enforcing the Park Regulations.  Unfortunately, I only managed to speak with them for a couple of minutes, as we were rudely interrupted by a group of Muslims having a physical confrontation with each other…..

I spoke with Mohammed, Shamzi, Ali, a female muslim, an idiotic pair of ignorant white kids, who admitted that they had NOT read the Qur’an, yet felt able to attack me!!

Anyway, it was freezing cold afternoon, but I managed to last for about 3.5 hrs!  I had a temporary helper, named ‘George’….which was great, but spent most of the time alone, confronting everyone and anyone who confronted me….

Here is the great JustSimon13’s analysis of one of my encounters


Houses of Parliament for Event – TOMORROW!!! (Please comment)..

Well, this should be interesting!! 🤔🙄😂🤣😂🤣😂Coming up on Tuesday, 1st May! I WILL LISTEN WITH GREAT FASCINATION!

Would LOVE to have you let me know any questions you’d like me to ask, (if given the opportunity) – so please comment below, asap…Wish me luck!!

Islam- Speaker’s Corner, 24/4/18. Analysis by JustSimon13…..

Periscoper ‘JustSimon13’ –  does fantastic work.  His knowledge and understanding of Islam is impressive; he disagrees with it completely, BUT, his critical analysis is based on objective data, as he utilises source documents and video footage to back-up and explain everything.

He recently started to analyse some debates I’ve had at Speaker’s Corner, (as I used Periscope), with Muslims and non-Muslims alike.  I’ve found his input invaluable.

Our freedoms of speech and expression are in peril……it behooves all of us to learn all that we can about this evil ideology, so that we can tackle it from a base of knowledge, as opposed to trying to do it through ignorance….it is our DUTY to protect those freedoms for the generations to come.