Details of the next letter are mentioned in the attached video….(16.03min). It would be amazing, if the Governor was ‘flooded’ with both emails and even letters –

Tommy being in prison is horrific for both him and his young family, (who are struggling, emotionally, without him) – let’s give Tommy and his family something positive to talk about, by writing to our MPs and the Governor of the Prison of our feelings about how concerned we are as to his situation.

I have composed another letter, this time to the Governor of Belmarsh prison, where Tommy Robinson is being held – basically, letting him know of some of the concerns there are for his well-being whilst he’s inside…

It is a ‘Free’ download in my ‘Shop’, which anyone can ‘purchase’ and ‘download’ and either email or send it to the Governor.

The Governor, who’s name is ​Rob Davis, has this email address:
The prison snail-mail address is:

Western Way
SE28 0EB

Please don’t forget to always reference Tommy’s prison number, (with his legal name), along with your name and address, if you write a snail-mail letter.

Let’s do this for Tommy – #FreeTommyRobinson #FreeTommy #IAmTommyRobinson