Yesterday, the 21st May, I was up in London to support a friend who had been put on trial by the SS Police of London….

After his short court appearance, I made my way with Buska and others to our regular stomping-grounds around the Houses of Parliament.

Late on in the afternoon, (after my friends had moved on), I happened to go by College Green, for the sole purpose of showing viewers of my Periscope and You Tube channels that the claims that had been made that the area known as College Green was designated as ‘Private Land’, by the Met Police and other security people, (after several people, (including myself), had walked through the opening in the temporary barricades situated around it, in order to challenge the many journalists of the ‘Globalist Media, based within College Green during the Brexit countdown), was provably false; simply by the facts that there is no type of permanent secure fencing around it AND that is is, in fact, listed as a ‘Public Park’ according to UK Legislation.

As I entered the formerly fenced-off area, (as can be seen by the attached You Tube video), I noticed in the distance, a man was being interviewed by someone and that another man was holding a large camera; I decided to approach them and find out if they were ‘friend or foe’…..the footage from the video can explain the rest…..

I had no idea the footage would be uploaded by the BBC, as I had assumed that the cameraman had turned the camera off as soon as the MP David Davies (of Monmouth), had become distracted by my presence, so I was genuinely stunned after I arrived home and found the BBC headline and footage on my computer’s search engine, (when I tried to discover the name of the MP I had had the unpleasant encounter with)….

Since last night, the ‘story’ has been published via the BBC News website, The Express, Daily Mail, The Guardian and Yahoo News! (The Express article was sent to me via Gmail and I’ve attached the link below).

As it happens, I was very pleasantly surprised by the title from The Express and of MOST of the content; although the very first words, “A RAGING’, were TOTALLY inaccurate – as can be seen by MY footage, which I spliced together with the BBC footage, and which the BBC very slyly, (though unsurprisingly), left out…

Below is the Express article and I will attach my You Tube video of the entire encounter underneath it….

Please feel free to comment at the bottom of this page, on your thoughts of the bizarre encounter and the subsequent reporting of it….