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My Encounter That ‘Went Viral with 3.3 MILLION Views’ – BBC, David Davies MP & Me!

Earlier this week, (the 21st May), I happened to be in London and went to my usual stomping ground around the Palaces of Westminster. I had been broadcasting via my Periscope, (which is a live-stream), challenging the anti-Brexit protesters about their ridiculous and totally unpatriotic stances, when I decided to go over to an area […]

NEW ‘SHOP’ – Very Exciting! One of the new editions to my ‘shop’ is this special ‘magic’ mug…Its ‘cold’ colour is black, but once hot liquid is put into it, it turns white and the image appears. I do have problems asking for financial support for my endeavours, so a friend came up with this idea, which I realise […]

Periscope Chat – Brexit 7th April, 2019

I’ve started a regular nightly chat slot on Periscope and do hope that more-and-more people will join me to discuss the latest goings-on in our world…Tonight’s topics touched on Brexit and the case which is being fought in the courts about the legality of May’s actions. We also spoke about our modern world and the […]

Warsaw, πŸ‡΅πŸ‡± Poland – My Footage from the Celebrations…

It was totally mind-blowing – to be a part of something so massive – hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in Warsaw to celebrate 100 years of independence – they declared in 1918, from Prussia and the Austro-Hungarian Empires… I do hope to return to Warsaw one day soon.

Sunny Sunday London Town!

Well, I feel very fortunate to be spending time in a lovely private club in London, with my good friend Bridget. It is a gloriously peaceful afternoon..I started off in Chelsea – where beautiful floral displays were being created for the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show and then Poppy & I ended up at an exclusive […]