Florida, USA – An evening in St Augustine! Beautiful Old Town…

This is a montage of some of my videos and photos I took whilst on a visit to St Augustine, in Florida – the town was established in 1563-ish…

I had a lovely few hours with friends – seeing some of the shops and Christmas lights. I also enjoyed a delicious dinner of lobster tails with rice with Jo and Gail at Harry’s Restaurant….

Lobster Tails & Rice…

Overhead view of my dinner, prior to consumption!


5th June: YouTube ‘Interview’ with Vee – about My Arrest; state of UK

A very good You Tuber, ‘Vee’ is a funny, (but, also serious), Romanian commentator, who gives an objective viewpoint of what is going on in the world – especially, in the UK, as Tommy’s story is a major issue of concern for all believers in our freedoms!

It is a ‘radio’ type interview..


Funny You-Tuber: Vee, from Romania – Talks about me late on..

This You Tuber has a pretty hilarious take on current events – we need many more of Veehs!!
He happened to mention me towards the end of this video – to say that he will be interviewing me for his channel soon!

I look forward to it….