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Over the past few years, it has become increasingly obvious, that we are living in very sinister times and it appears as though people are being summarily punished by ‘The System’ for viewpoints which are perceived to stray from what the Establishment considers ‘PC”…I appear to be one of those ‘people’…..

Through my YouTube ( and Periscope channels and this website, you will be able to see for yourself what it is that I have been doing over the past year or two, in order to try and shine a light on the ways in which our society is becoming more and more controlled and where Free Speech, (#29J), is being shut down and that Brexit and hence DEMOCRACY, are being thwarted.

I appreciate more than anyone can imagine the generosity of regular people, who not only simply care about the truth and about justice, but who also demonstrate this by reaching into their pockets and funding causes and people like myself, who are trying to preserve these crucial rights of a ‘Free People‘…for mine, yours and for generations to come.

I will continue doing what I am doing for as long as I am physically and financially able.  Your contributions will help me to continue doing what I’ve been doing and defend.

(Below – Speaker’s Corner, 1st April, 2018 – My intervention)



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