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BioWeapon Impact for Rageh Omaar ‘Live’?

Owing to the nature of the rapid censoring of the internet, I have started to ‘screen record’ unusual ‘events’ as I come across them, because if I didn’t, they would vanish into the ether!

I just happened across this item and but for the You Tuber I grabbed the recording from of Omar’s unfortunate medical issue having happened whilst he was presenting the ‘Ten O’Clock’ +1 News, I would not find this without great difficulty. Have you noticed how many videos do not ‘play’ anymore? Nowadays, the ‘media’ outlets tend to put still images up, which gives no context to the event discussed!

What do you think of this:

Rafeh Omaar Incident 26 April 2024

Please share this page, as I believe that one day it may be an important reference to the impacts of the bioweapons, aka ‘vaccines’…

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