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[Forwarded from Jean Smith]
A poem written by my cousin, please share…

So we lost !

Not the football… Forget the bloody football …
We LOST all our rights and freedoms and you didn’t say a word.
We LOST our humanity and introduced a system of medical apartheid, and you allowed it.
We LOST our logic and common sense, and you believed every ridiculous lie.

And the penalties.

The penalties are coming.

No Jab – No Holiday
No Jab – No Pub, Club or Restaurant
No Jab – No Job
No Jab – No School
No Jab – No Liberty

But don’t worry, because at least we got to the final.

The FINAL generation to know any level of Freedom
The FINAL generation not to be enslaved
The FINAL generation that could have done something…

The final whistle has already sounded and we are into the shootout.

What happens next is up to you ………..


POWERFUL MESSAGE ABOUT ‘REVOLUTION’: https://t.me/Based_AmyNews/6227


[Forwarded from Covid Red Pills 💊]
Interesting info. Cuba created its own vaccine and it had recently entered a production agreement with Argentina. Cuba was also very recently in talks with leaders from Latin America and the caribbean to distribute the vaccine once approved. Cuba decided to not work with Pfizer, Moderna etc and they created their own vaccine instead. Once the Cuban vaccine got emergency approval, huge riots started in the country 24 hours later. It appears the Biden administration had been aware of the situation for weeks and Cuba was not sure how the USA would respond. The leaders of the protests in Cuba had been in close talks with Ben Shapiro and other vaccine loving GOP neo cons weeks prior. I am not endorsing Cuba’s vaccine or Government. However, I am pointing out that it looks like big vaccine companies, the WHO, the Biden administration etc did not approve of Cuba’s plans to compete with big pharma. Therefore, they launched a color revolution. Owners of big pharma and MSM are interconnected hence you see so much MSM supporting the revolution. MSM has given almost no coverage to freedom protests and anti lockdown protests yet they feature Cuba everywhere. While some Cubans and Americans may have had good intentions in showing support for freedom, it seems they are being used as pawns. The establishment threw in some American flags into the protest, trending hashtags, and one day later the Biden administration says it’s going to deliver vaccines to Cuba. Both the left and right establishment support intervening in Cuba. The politicians are all of a sudden worried about freedom in another country more than freedom in America. Many leftist Americans think it’s to help Cuba with food and vaccines. Many right-wing Americans think it’s about overthrowing communism. However, it seems it’s just about big pharma. The same politicians supporting Cuba are the same ones who put economic restrictions on the country. They don’t care to lift economic restrictions. They care about helping big pharma have no competition + installing a globohomo puppet democracy. Supporting this revolution in Cuba seems it will lead to a big pharma success + tons of refugees. I could be wrong, time will tell. Be vigilant. Ask yourself why MSM and all the crooked politicians are supporting this. They are playing both sides feelings to drum up support.

Psaki Defends Texas Dems’ Stunt, Refuses to Condemn Communism by Reagan McCarthy (townhall.com)

Caught-red-handed – UK supermarket chain with ‘DEATH-JAB’ TENTS in car park:


Person in ‘vaccine costume’ in US: https://t.me/Based_AmyNews/6237



NEW PRISONS IN ENGLAND: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/947285/new-prison-programme-buckinghamshire.pdf

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