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9th May Sunday Show Links:

Today’s show link:


99% of today’s links can easily be found by simply typing the subject matter in the browser and so I won’t be putting them all here. I only put ones that I use from alternative sites and/or ones that I particularly enjoyed from You Tube.

Towards the end of tonight’s show, I showed a couple of amusing YouTube videos and have added their links below – as I believe it’s extremely important to uplift our moods in this time of globalist agenda overkill!

Very amusing man – cheers up those who watch:

Great Song about some of the madness going on around us – ‘Wal-Mart’ Greeters:

To finish, I showed a brief clip of the fantastic ‘Sky News, Australia’ channel, so will include that here for easy access:

So tired of all of the BS – but, the fight goes on!

Based Amy, OUT!

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