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19th April, Monday Show Links:

Link to the show broadcast:


Keir Starmer made a TOTAL fool of by the Landlord of The Raven pub in Bath!

(12) Starmer heckled on pub visit – YouTube

(12) UK’s Labour leader thrown out of pub in lockdown row – BBC News – BBC News – YouTube

(12) Keir Starmer kicked out of Bath pub by furious landlord – YouTube

Mike Lindell of ‘My Pillow’ – created the following, soon to be worldwide Free Speech platform:


Alex a nurse’s very moving testimony/statement about her life and our crisis!

(12) Alex – a British nurse who under any threats, will not be coerced – YouTube

Gateway Pundit article to John Podesta/Dominion voting machine scandal:

Dominion Advisor Met With John Podesta Offering ‘Anything’ That Would Help Defeat Trump, According to Email Released by WikiLeaks

Children being given vax whilst watching a video that contains pedophile symbolism!!


Woman washing her car with petrol/gasoline!!


Hope you enjoyed the show?! Please comment below on the topics and content.

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