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COURT, AGAIN!! To Argue AGAINST a CPS ‘Request’…

Well – it’s the 3rd February 2020 and I’m on my way up to London to attend Southwark Crown Court and present my reasons for NOT agreeing to the CPS preventing me from having the ability to question those who’s LIES succeeded in getting me IMPRISONED…..

I submitted my argument against this via email and post last week and also, reiterated why I wish the ‘Judge’ to recuse herself from my case – due to the appearance of bias…Deborah Taylor not only imprisoned Julian Assange to 50 weeks in ‘A’ Category HMP Belmarsh , (outrageously), but ALSO, imprisoned Max aka ‘Red Cap Boy’ to ONE YEAR for having been caught up in a commotion at a protest in the summer of 2018, DESPITE the fact that Max is on the Autistic spectrum!!

My legal team were paid over £8,000 in total from the 17th September – 3rd January, for failing MISERABLY!! (I genuinely had/have an ‘Open-and-shut-case’…a 4yr old would have managed to clear me!! Needless to say, I dismissed them and am currently representing myself!

Tonight at 8pm on ‘DLive.tv’ I will do StoryTime & continue the reading of ‘Freedom…is more than just a seven-letter word’ – a VALUABLE source of information regarding our CIVIL RIGHTS!!! Then at 9pm I will be on You Tube Live and will explain what’s happening with regards my case AND then discuss current national and international news, (Streatham Islamic attack, Corona Virus 🦠 Boris/Brexit, etc….Please join my channels and share….

My full ‘Appeal’ against conviction and sentence for calling Anna Soubry a traitor is due to be heard on the 20-21st February….It would be amazing if many could attend – but, especially those interested in our battle for free speech/civil rights.

Watch this space! If you tolerate this, your CHILDREN will be next…..Never give-up, never give-in and NEVER, EVER, EVER SURRENDER!! Based Amy OUT!

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