James Goddard – Home Truths I Was ‘Forced’ to Share…

The attached video is pretty self-explanatory, although, I do know that many, many people will struggle to understand the reasons for me doing this publicly and that is because those people don’t know the full story.

It genuinely pained me to do it, but I couldn’t take another minute more of James’ antics. He had done NOTHING illegal, with regards to his Soubry encounters and being the apparent, ‘Free Speech’ Political Activist he calls himself, I fully expected him to fight the charges in court.

He had a rock solid defense, which had been prepared for him by Mr John Hurst, based on our ancient Common Law Rights given to us through The Constitution of 1688/89 and The Magna Carta of 1215. It was an amazing opportunity for James to put The Establishment in their place, but instead, he caved-in to his morbid fear of being sent to prison and threw in the towel.

As many people who come across this will not have seen the original footage of the incidents in question concerning Anna Soubry MP, I will also attach them below….

This is part of an email I received from a fellow political activist on the 24th, just the day after his sentencing and of my video criticism of him…..  “I was trying to get Anna Soubry to come over and then ask her how she felt about helping to destroy Free Speech in the UK. But I suddenly realised that it wasn’t Anna (Soubry) that done that, it was James Goddard that has done that. So I retreated and waited to try and speak to someone else”. 

This is truly a devastating statement, but the sad thing is, that I don’t believe that James will learn from it – he just won’t accept that his actions have severely impacted our ability to share our critical thoughts with crooked MPs!

Part II to follow…..

TOMMY ROBINSON Update: Letter to GOVERNOR of HMP Belmarsh, 16th July 2019.

Just to let all who care about Tommy Robinson know, that I have written a fresh version of the letter to the Governor of HMP Belmarsh .

As before, a copy of this letter can be found in my ‘Shop’ as a ‘Free Download’.

Please can all who read this and then take the time to send a copy to the Governor of HMP Belmarsh, and also do the one for the MPs, make sure that you also copy the links to these articles about Tommy, (located in the ‘News’ section and attach or send around to every and all of your appropriate platforms as possible?

As of the evening of Tuesday the 16th July, the news from those close to Tommy have said that he is struggling, as he is in isolation for 23 hours of the day; so it would be fantastic if everyone who reads this and supports Tommy, would take a little time to download both the Governor’s and MP’s template letters and attach and send them out..


I believe that the amazing Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, (who I had the great honour of having a selfie with last summer, who is another incredibly brave man, will be visiting Tommy on Wednesday 17th July at Belmarsh. I sincerely hope that the visit doesn’t get sabotaged, but knowing how the British government operates, I fear it will be.

Again, I will keep people posted on this site and on my Telegram, Parler and Patreon and will continue to broadcast on my You Tube and Periscope platforms, (all of which have my ‘Based Amy’ handle). I’d really appreciate it if all of you who read this, please subscribe to all of my other social media platforms. Below is my latest message that I posted on Telegram about Tommy: –


The prison address and Tommy’s contact details are found in my earlier post, attached below:

Thanks to everyone who participates in this ‘Free’ campaign. Tommy will appreciate it, I’m sure!

URGENT: (Next)’Tommy’ Letter… To The Governor of HMP Belmarsh..15th July.

Details of the next letter which I have composed about Tommy’s welfare are mentioned in the video below….(at 16.03 min). It would be amazing, if the Governor was ‘flooded’ with both emails and even letters –Please join in this campaign and ‘help’ Tommy..

I have composed another letter, this time to the Governor of HMP Belmarsh prison, (where Tommy’s being held), – basically, letting him know of some of the concerns that there are for his well-being, whilst he’s inside…

It is a ‘Free’ download in my ‘Shop’, which anyone can ‘purchase’ and ‘download’ and either email or send it to the Governor.

The Governor, who’s name is ​Rob Davis, has this email address: rob.davis@hmps.gsi.gov.uk
The prison snail-mail address is:

Western Way
SE28 0EB

Here is a reminder of Tommy’s prison contact details:.

Prisoner Number: A2084CG  Name: Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

HMP Belmarsh

Western Way



SE28 0EB

Another way to contact him is via email, quoting his name and prison number:


Please don’t forget to always reference Tommy’s prison number, ‘A2084CG’,(with his legal name), along with your name and address, if you write a ‘snail-mail’ letter.

Let’s do this for Tommy – #FreeTommyRobinson #FreeTommy #IAmTommyRobi

TOMMY – BELMARSH ‘RALLY’- Today, Saturday 13th July – Between 6-8pm!

I’m highly concerned about what may happen as a result of this event. Have heard from several people that it is possible that the Mulsim prisoners may get wound-up and riot or protest against the action and that Tommy may get any blame…

Also, I have also been informed that the areas around Belmarsh Prison, London, are very ‘Diverse’…or Muslim majority – if this is indeed so, then the people who plan to be at the rally may be in serious physical danger!

I am praying that it will go smoothly, without ANY negative repercussions. Tommy will LOVE to hear the sounds of allies nearby..

(Whilst I was extremely upset and shocked with Tommy assaulting the jerk in Portugal and I, (obviously), don’t agree with everything that anyone thinks or does…that would be weird…. I believe in Tommy’s work and will always be grateful for his dedication and sacrifices he has made for England!



Can everyone who is able and cares about Tommy, please support the ‘Email to MP’ campaign I’ve created – it’s very straightforward and everyone can participate, (more editing would need to be done for those who are not British citizens, but it still could be used, as the template I’ve created can be edited:

(Unfortunately, some numb-skull has taken the template and reworded it to negate what mine says and states that he will send a copy to all 650 MPs….that’s what ‘haters’ do…I would still ask that those of you who are willing to join in, please take the 10 minutes or so it will take to send it to your MP)…

Will give updates on Tommy as I find out about them….


A2084CG  Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

HMP Belmarsh

Western Way



SE28 0EB

Another way to contact him is via email, quoting his name and prison number:



This is about Saturday – for those who can make it, (a pro-Tommy rally for him outside Belmarsh at 6pm – 8pm.  The link to my Telegram is below, with the details:







Today, Thursday the 11th July, in the year of our Lord 2019, & (once again), English justice died – (I know things can only ‘die’ once, but I’m giving myself journalistic licence)..

Tommy Robinson – doomed to serve, & try to survive 3 months, in an ENGLISH prison, surrounded by Jihadis, most of whom will want him dead!

Never in my life, did I EVER imagine that I would end up writing what I’ve just written, but it I have and I am NOT exaggerating.

If Britons tolerate this, their children WILL BE NEXT!! (Song quote-ish)..

His ‘ Crime?’ Causing CONVICTED PAKISTANI MUSLIM PAEDOPHILE RAPISTS ‘anxiety’, for ASKING them how they FELT about their (guilty), VERDICTS!! They were on their way into court to be told what their punishment would be….Fake media & politicians, etc…have permitted a lie to be propagated – falsely suggesting that they were going in to HEAR their VERDICT from a jury, thus claiming that Tommy’s live-stream could have prejudiced said jury!!

That case was dismissed, due to the horrendous (& CRIMINAL), miscarriage of justice, BUT The System figured out a way to prosecute him for something – that something….Right out of the ‘1984’ George Orwell novel…Prosecute him for causing people apparent ‘anxiety!!!! (I feel nauseated just writing this)..

So, people – there you have it – an INNOCENT man has been IMPRISONED for the NEW ‘CRIME’ of ‘Hurty FEELINGS’…

I hate to mention it, BUT, I too, have been CONVICTED for the crime of ‘Hurty Feelings’ by telling Mark Rayner to ‘Have a Gay Day.’ He felt anxious and distressed at my words…..No word of a lie!! This happened on 3rd December, 2018! Thankfully, though, I have my appeal on the 23rd August…

The below attachment I posted on my ‘Parler’ timeline:


More footage:

Post Tommy Conviction:

BOMBSHELL REVELATIONS…(if true)..7th July, 2019…

If the following facts in the attached article are true – then I wish that the UK Ambassador, Sir Kim Darroch, COULD be BARRED from the White House & even kicked-out of America, damn it…What an EMBARRASSING state of affairs.

The British Establishment MUST be called-out for their continuous, blatant and outrageous ‘anti-America’ position – ESPECIALLY, at times like this, when ‘Brexit’ has YET to happen and Britain needs ALL the allies she can get right now.

Even though I am fully confident in Britain’s post-Brexit, (29th March), ‘No Deal’ future, I am still fuming at the seditious and traitorous actions of those in power..

AFTER THREE LONG YEARS OF HAVING VOTED to ‘LEAVE’ the EU, British patriots have been and are CONTINUING to be betrayed every-other-minute, by MPs, (elected officials), and also by foreign U.K. representatives, who’s duties are to carry-out the wishes of the people (MPs), and to do what’s best for U.K. interests worldwide, (Ambassadors & MPs), promoting POSITIVE DIPLOMATIC relations.

If ever MORE proof were needed of there being both a British ‘Deep State’ & a British Establishment ‘SWAMP’, then here it is:


Happy 4th July to ALL PATRIOTS!! #SaluteToAmerica 🇺🇸❤️🙏🎈✂️😎🎇

So happy to be in the US at this time of great celebrations – I have never been more proud to be American born!  I credit President Trump, the First Family & ALL who are working to heal and better this wonderful and unique country – a true beacon of light…

God bless President Trump for ALL that he has done and will continue to do to re-establish The USA as the most successful country in the world!

His efforts inspired me to do what I’ve done and will continue to do in England, which is to show truth in what is going on, (which the MSM has ceased to do), and to battle to re-establish our FREEDOMS, that so many have fought and, (too many), have died for…It’s hard to believe that I need to even write those words, but it is the absolute truth.

What I, personally, have experienced, especially over the last couple of years, with regards to injustice in the courts and being the victim of the abuse of police powers, has been shocking; thankfully, MOST of what has happened has been captured on video, so no one needs to take my word for what I’m claiming has happened.

The above images are just a very, very small selection which show me challenging police and showing my patriotism, during the past year…

I hope that the celebrations will be enjoyed and relished by MILLIONS and that I will be able to enjoy ‘Libturd Tears’ for a long time, (after I see and hear their reactions to ‘President Trump Day Celebrations’….lolx

Brexit LEGAL CASE: Latest Developments…3rd July, 2019.

Graham Moore is doing a fantastic job of keeping us updated on all the events going on surrounding the legal court battle, which was initiated by Robin Tilbrook of the English Democrats back on the Monday following Friday 29th March, (date of our ORIGINAL and OFFICIAL ‘Brexit’ deadline), which came and sadly went, with us still being fully committed to the EU Project.

I will post any further videos as and when they become available and would ask that everyone who comes across them to PLEASE do the same.