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The Great Gathering-London..29th June..

I am heading to London to show my support veterans of the British military – who find themselves the target of incredible injustice…It has been reported that British authorities are permitting the potential persecution and subsequent prosecution of some army veterans, (who loyally served their country), for taking part in one of the military conflicts in Northern Ireland in the 1970’s!

Recently, people may be aware of the ‘Soldier F’ campaign…

Of course, the government being the government, made a point in the past, (Tony Blair, I believe), of FORGIVING all crimes committed by ACTUAL terrorists, (who were members of the IRA), which is shocking in itself, if true.

Nowadays, with all that’s going on, I don’t think anything could surprise me anymore….It’s just tragic, though, that men who are usually praised, (especially in the USA), for their service to their country, ‘today’, find themselves the target of unjust persecution for simply doing their duty…

Today and over the next few days, a huge gathering is planned of veterans and their supporters in London – originally, their plan was to camp in Hyde Park, but I understand that those plans had to change, (either due to legal impositions or simply practical ones), and that the possible new destination is Green Park…I will attempt to ascertain the facts during my time with them today.

An update on the events of the day will follow, as and when it’s possible.

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