Daily Caller Video Report of My Trump Blimp Popping!!

Quite surreal to have my actions reported by such major publications!! I don’t regret what I did – OTHER than the fact that I wished I hadn’t had to take such drastic measures…..I blame our weak and unpatriotic government for their inaction over the whole #BlimpGate Affair!!

“Yeah BABY!!”

OMG – Whirlwind…AMAZING WEEK!! 3-6th June 2019!!

I just need to write a quick update…On Monday, June 3rd, I spent an amazing afternoon outside Buckingham Palace, awaiting the President’s departure for Westminster Abbey, mainly amongst pro-Trump supporters, but also with some of the enemy.

I engaged with the enemy when they hurled any insults…instead of them being challenged by the police for their unacceptable behaviour, it was ME who was confronted…There are a few still images of this…

Anyway – The Blimp-Pop on Tuesday the 4th June was worth it!!