A Brief Interview With Gerrard Batten MEP today, 29th June in London

I saw Gerrard Batten in Parliament Square today on the 29th June in Parliament Square in London and took the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions, which he graciously answered..Here is the content:

The Great Gathering-London..29th June..

I am heading to London to show my support veterans of the British military – who find themselves the target of incredible injustice…It has been reported that British authorities are permitting the potential persecution and subsequent prosecution of some army veterans, (who loyally served their country), for taking part in one of the military conflicts in Northern Ireland in the 1970’s!

Recently, people may be aware of the ‘Soldier F’ campaign…

Of course, the government being the government, made a point in the past, (Tony Blair, I believe), of FORGIVING all crimes committed by ACTUAL terrorists, (who were members of the IRA), which is shocking in itself, if true.

Nowadays, with all that’s going on, I don’t think anything could surprise me anymore….It’s just tragic, though, that men who are usually praised, (especially in the USA), for their service to their country, ‘today’, find themselves the target of unjust persecution for simply doing their duty…

Today and over the next few days, a huge gathering is planned of veterans and their supporters in London – originally, their plan was to camp in Hyde Park, but I understand that those plans had to change, (either due to legal impositions or simply practical ones), and that the possible new destination is Green Park…I will attempt to ascertain the facts during my time with them today.

An update on the events of the day will follow, as and when it’s possible.

Sick of LIES propagated by Journalists, etc., Concerning The European Union, Donald Trump, etc…WAKE-UP PEOPLE!

Never in my life did I ever believe that so many, seemingly intelligent people could be SO incredibly IGNORANT AND STUPID, but after listening to a woman by the name of Carole Cadwalladr, that belief has well and truly gone.

Carole Cadwalladr, who is some, (so-called) journalist, did a ‘Ted Talks’, which has been watched by over 2 million people. A random tweet which appeared on my feed prompted me into finding out what she had said in this talk.

After listening to her for a couple of minutes, I found myself shaking my head in dismay and disbelief at some of the outlandish remarks I heard her make. I quickly concluded that she is one of too many people who have access to the mainstream media platform, where she is able to spout her anti-Brexit, anti-Trump, etc., guff….(For a moment, whilst listening to her rhetoric, I suddenly imagined her as being one of the many air-headed women who I witnessed standing at the edge of Greek shores or on German railway station platforms, blindly welcoming onto European shores thousands upon thousands of migrantjmen from Africa and the Middle-East, without ANY care or concern as to who or what many of those men’s evil intentions were).

This is her ‘Ted Talk’:

I have so little patience for women like her, who stand in public and project their sense of moral superiority and self-righteousness, virtue-signalling onto others their misguided beliefs, with absolutely no idea or care of how damaging their actions might be to others…I had been perplexed, confused and very distressed by what I saw, but after several years’ of seeing and hearing about the horrific consequences of these idiots’ actions, I am NOW furious and disgusted with them all.

If only there was a way to have every single one of them put on trial in some special court of justice; specifically for the fools who condoned the mass invasions, (with ME being the judge of course) – I could sentence them to a life of having to live among those people in perpetuity. Only then do I have a sense that they MIGHT see the error of their ways….but, saying that….

The Globalists’ plans to overrun Europe and America with Third-World migrants is coming to fruition right before my eyes and I am horrified with how many ‘normal’ people and politicians are standing back and letting this happen. The crime rates in every single country that these, so-calle,d migrants and refugees have entered, have all gone through the roof! To learn that Sweden, YES, SWEDEN has become known as the ‘Rape CAPITAL of Europe’..is just devastating, but do you know what makes it so much worse? The fact that the people responsible for running those countries have done practically NOTHING to tackle the devastation, but to the contrary, have done everything they can to cover it all up!

I blame the EU leaders and all involved with the running of our countries, with permitting the modern, what I will call: ‘The Fall of The European Empire in the 21st Century’. The Barcelona Declaration of 1995, The Maastricht Treaty, The Lisbon Treaty, etc., and others, all have details within them which would explain how this sorry state of affairs has been permitted to flourish. It is all so sad and unforgivable…..

Anyway, this Carole Cadwalldr woman is sadly one of too many ‘journalists’, who has used her privileged platform to spread her ignorant opinion of what the European Union is; what Brexit truly means; who President Trump is and what his motives and achievements are to mention just a few point.

I wish I could find it funny that this lefty was complaining about what she perceived as unfair bias and control that she accused Facebook of allegedly having with regards to Brexit and Donald Trump’s election, but I’m afraid that I couldn’t, as it’s down to people exactly like her which has given companies like Twitter and Facebook so much outrageous censorship power in the first place, by DEMANDING of those companies and others, that those she saw as having differing opinions to her needed to be shut down or censored.

People with her mentality demand that people like me, (conservative/libertarian), be silenced, because of her biased opinion about what she thinks should and should not be permitted to be spoken about or expressed – she is a perfect example of the ‘PC’ culture or what I will now refer to as modern fascism.

One way I would describe her is as a person who says, “Do as I say, NOT as I do.” She (falsely) believes that she is on the moral high-ground. It is so very, very bizarre. She and I are on a juxtaposition of political/social beliefs, but the crucial factor is that where once we might have been able to stand in front of each other and debate about our positions, freely and civilly, nowadays that would be nigh-on impossible. She is in the ‘Feelings, NOT Facts matter’ camp….

Her claims that she made about Brexit, Donald Trump, etc., are so far removed from reality that I should probably feel sorry for her, as she has been afflicted with a modern phenomena of what I’d term as mental-health ‘viruses’ such as: ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ or ‘TDS’ for short, symptoms of which include an extreme and irrational dislike, nay hatred, for everything that President Trump says or does regardless of whether what is being said is fact or fiction; also, ‘Brexit No-Deal Derangement Syndrome’ or ‘BNDDS’, (which I think I’ve just created), symptoms of this are similar to ‘TDS’, but which concern the voters as a whole, who opted for Brexit.

She and many, many other mainstream media outlets have been promulgating such untruths and so many absolutely appalling and disgusting downright lies concerning Brexit, President Trump, Nigel Farage, populism, nationalism, etc., for so many years, that there is now an inordinate number of everyday, ‘regular’ people, (I’ve not only met on the streets, but some of whom I know personally), who’s opinions have been heavily and seemingly almost permanently set in stone, in that regardless of what I, (and others), try to do, like referring them to official sources of documentation, etc., which contradict their misinformed beliefs, that they flatly, blindly and blatantly refuse to even listen.

It is a form of brainwashing, the likes of which I have only ever seen in countries like North Korea and China, which have total and complete censorship of their media. Never in my wildest nightmares, would I have believed that this sort of biased brainwashing could be possible in Western societies, with open access to the internet, etc.

However; despite the negativity and apparent bleakness which I have described above over what I feel is going on, in my next article I will write about a speck of light that I’ve just seen twinkle at the end of the very, very long tunnel of lefty social and mainstream media darkness; the twinkle of light emanated from a source which is not very well known in the UK, but which came to You Tube prominence in a big way during the last US presidential election. One man and his incredible team of people, in particular, has given me a glimmer of hope, concerning this critical situation and I will elaborate on who he is and what he has done very soon.

Meeting Positive People!!

Just to say how lovely it was to meet two young men, who support Brexit, Farage and are members of Turning Point UK. They found the fact that I was the person responsible for popping the stupid Trump Blimp on the 4th June great and hilarious…so much so, that they asked for a photo with me! 😊

I also met a man by the name of Alex, who is a pro-Brexit activist outside Parliament a short time after I’d met the two young guys; Alex was also thrilled that I had popped the blimp he was genuinely thrilled that that thing had been popped! 😂 He also wanted a selfie with me…(he said he didn’t normally do selfies, but wanted one with me – I was honoured)!

Alex and me…

I love patriotism!!

Computer/Phone GREMLINS?!?

For some bizarre reason – I’m experiencing very strange periods of time throughout the day and evening of my phone and computers’ having ‘minds of their own’ – they do not respond to my actions – the mouse doesn’t go in the direction my finger aims it – my phone flips all over the place, opening apps, etc..

This goes in for an indeterminate period of time and then they function properly again!!

Can anyone suggest what they think is going on?

Please comment where you can – contact me on: contact@basedamy.com

Podcast Interview: My Conversation With Joshua of ‘The American Perspective’.

I had a very enjoyable conversation with Joshua Newmark, who hosts his own US Podcast show called ‘The American Perspective’. He saw what I did and was interested in talking to me after my ‘Trump Baby Blimp’ popping escapade on the 4th June….

We covered several topics besides my birthday present to myself, including a brief outline of my Hyde Park, Speaker’s Corner “I’ve got bacon” encounter with Ali Dawah and others, on 18th March, 2018 at Tommy Robinson’s Free Speech event….

Please listen, enjoy and also subscribe to Joshua’s podcast and do share his shows:

A Candid Interview With Based Amy


There is a call for a national shutdown in France on Saturday, the 22nd June, 2019. Fuel and electricity prices have increased by almost 6%, which is unaffordable for the French people – although, the full story of what is really going on for the good people of France is being kept from the world….their whole way of life has been horribly damaged by the EU policies of the past 20+ years….

For 30 Saturdays in a row, in towns and cities all over France, groups of French citizens, most wearing the ‘Yellow Vests’, (Gilets Jaunes), have taken to the streets in peaceful protest, (except when people with sabotage in mind, took part)…calling for the resignation of Macron.

They have suffered greatly for their bravery – some even losing their lives, many losing an eye and some have lost their hands, due to the explosive devices deployed by the ‘French’ gendarmerie AND members of the EU Army!

Incredibly, even though this has been going on for months, just across The English Channel, I feel certain that if I asked anyone on the streets of London or elsewhere, I would find that 99% of those people would have NO idea who the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ even are, let alone the massive unrest, which has gone on for many months.

The main reason for this is that I discovered that our government, (probably along with the EU), requested the media to have a ‘blackout’, by issuing a ‘D Notice’; (‘D Notice’ is a request by the government to the national media not to publish stories about specific issues, which could endanger NATIONAL SECURITY). The media to its disgrace, has pretty much complied. I believe that our government is terrified of the Yellow Vest movement, because of Brexit.

The world we live in is almost unrecognisable to the one I grew up in; I never imagined that such mass ignorance, apathy or cognitive dissonance that I have personally witnessed, could prevail in so-called ‘Free’ societies, but they do. It is extremely frightening and so disturbing and I know that it has all been managed to be so by groups of extremely powerful people.

The Time we live in is so pivotal and yet so many, many people are 100% ignorant of just how pivotal it is for the future happiness of the generations of people who are actually alive NOW!!

After witnessing the weekly turmoil, which seemed to engulf Paris, for several months, I decided to go and see for myself, what was going on, as I couldn’t understand why there were not more people talking about it nor could I understand how President Macron could almost completely ignore these tumultuous Saturday events, calling for his resignation.

Not knowing how much danger I would find myself in, I took a gas mask and goggles for protection. I travelled with two men on an overnight coach from London to Paris on the 22nd March and we arrived at about 6.30am on the Saturday morning, the 23rd

Not long after our arrival, both of my companions managed to get themselves arrested, (without having done anything wrong, as both arrests happened whilst they were both live-streaming). I managed to avoid capture, (although I found out the next day just how close I too, had come to getting jailed).

What I witness over the following 24 hours was pretty depressing. I could not believe my eyes; whilst a small number of people, (relative to the population), were risking life and limb for ‘Freedom’, the rest were merrily going about their business; whether tourist or native Parisienne! I kid you not –

On that Saturday afternoon, I was on the Champs-Elysees at the l’arc de Triomphe end, (where the Gilets Jaunes were attempting to make their way towards) and yet all around me, people were wandering calmly along, shopping sipping drinks, lounging outside cafes, seemingly, without a care in the world! Very surreal and disturbing to witness. As it happened, the massive deployment of police managed to prevent the peaceful protesters from making it up to the l’arc de Triomphe.

This is a link to what I experienced on the Champs-Elysees – Here is my Periscope broadcast of some of what I witnessed.


I am very, very concerned about the truth not getting out….I would ask that everyone who can, please, please share the evidence and truth about what is REALLY happening in France….

INFOWARS’ ALEX JONES Interviewed Me on Thursday, 6th June!

I have been honoured with an interview by Alex Jones, of the infamous ‘InfoWars’ Channel, for my rebellious act of slashing and ‘wounding’ the horrendously embarrassing and demeaning Trump ‘Blimp’ on Tuesday, 4th June.

For most of my adult life, I have watched and listened to Alex Jones of InfoWars’ fame and have been amazed with his insight, foresight and especially for his bravery of talking about many controversial and very sinister events which are happening and which have happened in our world over the past few decades.

Despite an onslaught of attacks, he has continued with his mission of spreading his knowledge about what he has discovered, (with the mainly corrupt goings-on, not just of many world leaders, but especially to do with the lying, fake media, hence the name of his show!

I confess, that there have been a few times when I have doubted some of his more controversial statements – (I think I’d be a bit strange if I believed EVERYTHING I was told)! However, what he has stated about the mainstream media is indisputable! This is one reason why I chose to speak with him FIRST, about my exploits on my birthday, June 4th, whilst President Trump was visiting the UK on his official ‘State’ visit.

What ensued was a very pleasant conversation and I do hope that people enjoyed the interview. I will attach the footage below.

Alex Jones of InfoWars and Me!

It was a lovely experience and one which I will treasure forever! (My first ‘big’ interview)….Thank you, Alex and team!

Daily Caller Video Report of My Trump Blimp Popping!!

Quite surreal to have my actions reported by such major publications!! I don’t regret what I did – OTHER than the fact that I wished I hadn’t had to take such drastic measures…..I blame our weak and unpatriotic government for their inaction over the whole #BlimpGate Affair!!

“Yeah BABY!!”

OMG – Whirlwind…AMAZING WEEK!! 3-6th June 2019!!

I just need to write a quick update…On Monday, June 3rd, I spent an amazing afternoon outside Buckingham Palace, awaiting the President’s departure for Westminster Abbey, mainly amongst pro-Trump supporters, but also with some of the enemy.

I engaged with the enemy when they hurled any insults…instead of them being challenged by the police for their unacceptable behaviour, it was ME who was confronted…There are a few still images of this…

Anyway – The Blimp-Pop on Tuesday the 4th June was worth it!!

Arrested Based Amy IN JAIL!