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My Encounter That ‘Went Viral with 3.3 MILLION Views’ – BBC, David Davies MP & Me!

Earlier this week, (the 21st May), I happened to be in London and went to my usual stomping ground around the Palaces of Westminster. I had been broadcasting via my Periscope, (which is a live-stream), challenging the anti-Brexit protesters about their ridiculous and totally unpatriotic stances, when I decided to go over to an area known as College Green, just across from the House of Lords.

College Green is normally an open area of land, which the public has full access to, but which, during major political events, becomes a fenced-off area, only accessible to the major media outlets and suddenly it is declared as ‘Private Property’….

After on such occasion a few months’ ago, I carefully checked UK Law concerning all of the Royal Parks and found that College Green is listed as a ‘Royal Park’, which makes it open to the public. As it happens, there isn’t even any time of permanent fencing around this particular area and it doesn’t really appear to be a park, in the strictest sense of the word…more like an ‘Open Space.’

Despite the fact that it is legally referred to as a ‘Public Park’, I and others have been removed or asked to leave the area on several occasions, (even physically on a couple of times), over the past few months; when the media circus is in town and has taken over the plot of land for their own use with lots of equipment for reporting purposes….Don’t get me wrong – I understand that as they use a lot of very, very expensive equipment, they need to have security, but as it is a public area, the security should be down to them and not make it so that the public has no access.

This is all my own personal opinion – I just believe in conserving what few rights we have left, as much as possible…

Anyway – on Tuesday, 21st May, I noticed that the area was wide open and decided to show my Periscope listeners, (most of whom would have only seen it on protest days, and thus fenced off), just how it looks on normal days…totally open space, (which would prove my claims when I’ve been challenged by the security and/or the police). As I was starting to walk along the path, I noticed a man in the distance, who appeared to be being interviewed…I will link the footage of the entire encounter here, rather than explain it in writing….because, as the saying goes, ‘Pictures speak a THOUSAND words’…

Here is the BBC Wales’ Version, (sneakily edited to make him seem like the victim, thus fitting their biased narrative), which starts after his initial negative and quite aggressive comments aimed at me were uttered :

Now, please check the FULL VERSION below – and you will see how the #Fakestream, #Lamestream, #Lyingmedia twist the truth, making me look like the bloody aggressor!!

Following the posting of the BBC Wales News’ footage – media outlets around the country reported what happened as follows…..(does anyone notice any criticism of him with regards to his attitude and behaviour towards me AND/OR a SINGLE of the many, MANY messages of support posted, which I’ve seen for what I did)? No? What a surprise….pathetic:

Yahoo News:

Evening Standard:

Yahoo News:

The Guardian:

Press Association:

The Independent:

The HuffPost UK:

Daily Mail: (Can’t believe I used to buy this rag)!!

Wales Online:

BBC News:

Cambridgeshire Live:

The Telegraph:

Metro News:

ITV News:

Dorset Echo:

York Press:

Radio 4 World at One – I recorded the particular discussion about our encounter:

Here are just a small sample of the messages of support and praise for what I said, which no one referred to:

These were located under my You Tube channel, but there were some under the Twitter feed to the BBC Wales video…

life in 180%22 hours ago1 single 5ft+ woman with a walking stick takes on: 2 police, 1 MP, 2 camera crew, 2 EU cat-ladies & 1 fella who she called ‘cheap-seats’ ha, ha …and slays them all with facts & caustic witty sarcasm lol

customspoons1 day agoI reckon he was SAS (Saturdays and Sundays) TA. Well done Amy, you did so well!3

Based Amy

REPLYView replyron power1 day agoAwesome Amy!! Bless you 😘1

Based Amy


Based Amy

REPLYGavin MackCromwell4 hours agoHahaha always said she’d was my fav woman truther class she really is hahaha this little lying rat trying to lie hahaha how guilty was he hahahaha haha mint hahahaha1

Based Amy

REPLYView 2 repliesslingthe traitors2 days agoHe would love to stop free speech he hates people having keyboards as this exposes their filthy lies10

Based Amy

REPLYslingthe traitors2 days agoAmy this is soo funny what a joker of an mp more people listless to based Amy than these traitors of the people11

Based Amy

REPLYView replyAloaf Ov’Bread2 days ago (edited)Territorial army and special constable, like all MPs he has an inflated opinion of himself. He’s conservative and did consistently vote for Brexit.15REPLY

My ‘work’ of exposing the truth and the reality of what Brexiteers have been put through will continue, unabated.

Thank you to all who support me and took the time to let me know how you feel!

“Based Amy, OUT.”

British Justice?! Don’t Make Me Laugh!! Tommy’s ‘Trial’

Once upon a time, there was such a ‘thing’ which was referred to as ‘British Justice’ – which, I believed, (until not very long ago), represented fairness and objectivity and that anyone who had the misfortune of having to face it, could at least rely on being considered ‘innocent until being proven guilty.’

HOW WRONG HAVE I BEEN?!! (VERY)…Tragically, British ‘justice’ exists in name only….no better than a ‘Banana Republic’. This conclusion is drawn from my own PERSONAL experiences, just from last year alone….(not to mention how horrendously I was treated back in 2007).

Tommy Robinson’s trials at the hands of the British Establishment have been revealed to the world, but ONLY in a wholly biased manner. The only way that people can find out the TRUTH behind what he is being put through, is via social media, especially You Tube.

He is currently running for office as an MEP, (Member of The European Parliament), although he’s campaigning as though he was running for local or national elections, which are very different kettles of fish…..Thankfully, his chances of being elected as an MEP are much greater than if he was running for national office.

Tommy is having to endure yet another prosecution by The State….over a case which had been thrown-out/trashed by the most senior judge in the Land…..The AG, William Cox, is going for a ridiculous charge – something to do with having upset a CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE….GROOMING GANG MEMBER!! British justice has fallen to its lowest depths…

I was outside the Old Bailey on Tuesday, 14th May, showing my support for Tommy, whilst trolling any LameStream, FakeStream media people I came across….I uploaded some of the interactions onto You Tube, (‘Based Amy’), and have one more episode to go…’Trolling The Media’ comes in 3 parts..

Part 1:

And Part 2:

As I’m only a one woman band – I’d really appreciate people sharing my videos out, as I feel they manage to expose the reality of how dire Britain’s political, social and legal situations are….(Whether you like me or my opinions or not, I do believe that I am exposing what is going on – which should disturb all good people)….We ARE living in George Orwell’s (prophetic), 1984…

Tommy Robinson is suffering persecution, due to his work of exposing the horrendous cover-ups of the mass epidemic of the decades of the Establishment’s hiding and ignoring the proliferation of Islamic raping gangs, throughout the UK, but which is rampant in the north of England…

Tommy is due on trial on the 4th and 5th July…..PRAY….

Very Unpleasant Man Threatened Me Today – 11th May, 2019

Very shocking incident today – some thug yelled out my name, whilst I was berating police, (for their USUAL ignoring of aggressive behaviour by people of a certain persuasion), and I went over to hear what he was yelling – what he said next was pretty ugly – any police response…? OF COURSE NOT!!

Tommy Robinson MEP Candidate, 23rd May 2019

Every time I think of Tommy, I say a little prayer for him. The fear that I have for his safety is 💯 legitimate. Just take a look at the videos below…(for just a TINY example of what is going on)…

Tommy has some character flaws, as we ALL do, BUT the man has the heart and soul of a lion and has fought, against ALL odds, for the Working Class AND for ALL women of Britain and elsewhere – to highlight the atrocities which have been and are STILL being carried-out against them and us.

I, for one, THANK YOU TOMMY!!

Please can we all pray for him – because his precious family, (and the patriotic people of the United Kingdom), 🇬🇧 need him!

NEW ‘SHOP’ – Very Exciting!

One of the new editions to my ‘shop’ is this special ‘magic’ mug…Its ‘cold’ colour is black, but once hot liquid is put into it, it turns white and the image appears.

I do have problems asking for financial support for my endeavours, so a friend came up with this idea, which I realise many You Tubers use themselves.

My hopes are that people will love the products and will make purchases, which will help me to continue what I set out to do over one year ago.

To those of you who do purchase my products – I’d like to say a HUGE ‘Thank you’…..


Based Amy