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Brexit?! The LONG Saga Continues! ๐Ÿ™„6/4/19

So much has gone on in the past 8 days, since our OFFICIAL ‘Brexit Day’ came and went;

Two days before that, I had a very, very disturbing experience in Central Lobby of The Houses of Parliament, when I had gone in to see if I could have a chat with an MP, about the mess that was being made of our Brexit process, when I was surrounded by an ‘Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms’, a police Inspector and a few Commons’ security guards and this happened:



The reason that happened was due to the fact that a couple of weeks before, I had been visiting The Commons, when Ann Soubry MP appeared and started an interview with the BBC; I couldn’t resist and this happened:

The state of our democracy is dire!!

Meanwhile, the legality of the process is being challenged in the courts, but, THIS time, I am BEHIND the challenge by Robin Tilbrook, who is the leader of the English Democrats political party; he and Sir Richard Aikens, (a former Court of Appeals judge), question whether the delay to the 12th April was managed legally….(as it appears that the House of Lords did NOT pass the Bill requiring a delay to our Brexit date, from the 29th March to the 12th April and if this does turn out to be the case, then it should be announced that we did, in fact, LEAVE the EU on the 29th March; it has all been dealt with in a very shady manner.

The Magna Carta Society have also been working on regaining our sovereignty for many years via petitions to The Queen, etc..; (I will elaborate on this at a later date).

I am hopeful that despite the concerted efforts of the Europhiles, Brexit WILL succeed, as voted for on the 23rd June, 2016!!

Watch this space…..

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