I’m going on an overnight coach, with Leggit, (who I call ‘my son’ – as he’s had my back as a son would)….and Based Welshman…

We are going to report live from Paris on week #19 of the major protests against the French government of Macron..

Apparently, the army will be deployed – I will capture what I can – but…with the way Macron has been deploying thousands of police to hinder the peaceful protests, regardless of who is protesting, who knows what I will be able to capture?

Assaulted, (AGAIN), by Police!! 9th March. Parliament, London.

During our Yellow Vest protest in London on Saturday 9th March, I was addressing the public who were standing near Churchill’s statue, when I was touched from behind by a Constable. The following footage reveals what happened: (Minute: 16.04):