Video made by a Supporter…..

It is hard for me to find the words I want to use, to describe how moved I was, when I saw this video – I had no idea he was going to put this together…Thank you, Graham…x

Podcasts I have just Created..

Please listen to these podcasts – just a different way of sharing my views and thoughts via a great app called ‘Anchor’ – thanks to Based Luke for telling me about it!!

DFLA MARCH, London!!

Hope to make it to the second annual event!!

Interview on The McFiles

I’ve spoken to Chris of The McFiles on a few occasions – he is a wonderful supporter of not only his home country of the USA, but also of the UK.

In this interview, I explain the trauma of my unprovoked assault & of my upcoming ‘Have A Gay Day’ trial 8th October, (& not the 6th as I incorrectly stated on air)…

Traumatised By Assault!!

Really stunned by my unprovoked assault by a massive thug, I’ve named ‘Shrek’….

The disturbing video footage can be seen on my YouTube and/or Bit.Tube channels…I was knocked unconscious in the centre of Soho, London on Friday 14th September at around 1.30pm… I was live-streaming a man mockingly praying outside an Islamic Centre….(I had no idea what he was going to actually do)….

The assault was so vicious – I feel lucky to be alive AND in one piece!

His court date is 16th October at Westminster’s Magistrates Court….