Old Bailey – 27th Sep..Tommy’s ‘Trial’

On my way to The Old Bailey in London – to show my unwavering support to a national hero – unsung, by the media – due to his revelations about the horrific crimes being committed by Islamic raping GANGS – having been covered-up, inexplicably, by our police, politicians and MEDIA!!

Despite the violent and unprovoked assault on me, by someone I feel certain is connected to the Islamic Centre, I am going to be at the court to be with fellow supporters….

Prayers would be appreciated – I will attempt to do a Periscope broadcast…

Soho – footage from Bystander’s phone of Thug punching me!

I do feel quite sick, when I see the moment of him punching me! The inaction of MOST of the people who witnessed event, is almost, more distressing, than the incident itself!! Why did NO ONE try to stop him? Scared?

Brilliant cartoon, depicting the deception of Islam – PLEASE WATCH….

Brilliant! – Must watch – I found the Ali D character particularly hilarious! This form of education is great…