London-Bound! 😊

Am travelling up to London on a beautifully sunny day! Mother Nature is playing with us – it has been FREEZING cold for several days, but not today – temperature reads low 52, BUT, in the ☀️ it’s lovely!!

Wonder if I’ll be adding to my EU flag collection – will have a friendly chat with anyone who wants to stop me from removing the traitorous rags?!! 😂💪🇬🇧

I’ll be in a rush, (once I arrive at Victoria), as my train is running late…

I’m looking forward to hearing what Congressman Mike Gallagher has to say about Russia 🇷🇺 & Syria 🇸🇾….(I totally disagree with the official stance of the US)…not sure what the set-up will be – hoping we get to ask questions….🤔

Catch you later…(if I can Periscope within the venue, I will)…🙏❤️🇬🇧❤️🇺🇸