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May 6th, Promotional Video: Freedom of Speech vs Twitter March & I’m in it!!

Wow – it really IS happening – I am in THE promotional video Tommy Robinson has been talking about!  It’s THE promotional video for a major ‘FREE SPEECH’ event which will take place on May 6th, in London – it is hoped that we will be able to go from Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London to the Twitter HQ and hear speeches from prominent Free Speech advocates – (I’m not sure who is speaking, yet, but will update when I do)…. the protest is against the major censorship being practised against MANY, MANY conservative voices, ESPECIALLY, via social media platforms: Twitter, You Tube, FB, etc….

We MUST AWAKEN our fellow citizens, both in Europe and America, as to what the future holds – The Death of Freedom of Speech and other ‘freedoms’….Sweden, France, Germany and other countries have ALL READY SHUT PEOPLE UP!!



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