Houses of Parliament for Event – TOMORROW!!! (Please comment)..

Well, this should be interesting!! 🤔🙄😂🤣😂🤣😂Coming up on Tuesday, 1st May! I WILL LISTEN WITH GREAT FASCINATION! Would LOVE to have you let me know any questions you’d like me to ask, (if given the opportunity) – so please comment below, asap…Wish me luck!!

Islam- Speaker’s Corner, 24/4/18. Analysis by JustSimon13…..

Periscoper ‘JustSimon13’ –  does fantastic work.  His knowledge and understanding of Islam is impressive; he disagrees with it completely, BUT, his critical analysis is based on objective data, as he utilises source documents and video footage to back-up and explain everything. He recently started to analyse some debates I’ve had at Speaker’s Corner, (as I […]


House Intelligence Committee released their Report:  NO COLLUSION!!! NORTH & SOUTH KOREA – FULL PEACE AFTER 67 YEARS? – ALL THANKS TO PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP!! Free Speech and Generation Identity founder – flat raided and all computers, documents confiscated!! ACID ATTACK – London – 3 people injured!! President Trump hosts Angela Merkel, (the evil […]

May 6th, Promotional Video: Freedom of Speech vs Twitter March & I’m in it!!

Wow – it really IS happening – I am in THE promotional video Tommy Robinson has been talking about!  It’s THE promotional video for a major ‘FREE SPEECH’ event which will take place on May 6th, in London – it is hoped that we will be able to go from Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London […]

BREAKING NEWS: UK/US/WORLD – Friday 27th April, 2018

NORTH and SOUTH KOREA have committed to ENDING their 68 YEAR ‘WAR’ – as they never declared ‘Peace’ at the end of our involvement!  This would be HUGE – ALL thanks to President Trump’s interventions! The Royal baby’s name has been announced: Prince Louis of Cambridge…(I need to know why they would give a British […]

Count Dankula & Freedom of Speech – Glasgow/London…EU/BREXIT!

I awoke early, fully expecting to have a quiet day, recuperating from my adventures yesterday; however, everything changed as soon as I checked my Twitter feed and saw that there was a ‘Free Count Dankula March’ in London from 1-4 pm!!  I somehow missed seeing the advertising of that event – and just assumed that, […]

Houses of Parliament – Euro Flags?? Take them DOWN, BABY!!

After my photo shoot for the Free Speech Event, I decided to swing by Parliament Square for a relaxing end to a beautiful day, (event-wise and weather-wise)…whilst there, I noticed a horrible sight – EU flags hanging outside the gates of The Houses of Parliament!!  Well – this is what happened next…..(An offence to The […]

‘Free Speech’ Photo-Shoot in London – What a THRILL!

This afternoon I had one of the MOST surreal experiences of my life, as I spent several hours at a photo-shoot with Tommy Robinson. Not only that, but I was one of the participants in the shoot. It was an honour to be with some very special people, who are also passionate about some of […]

Update on Speakers’ Corner & Sevenoaks’ events…

My Periscope covered the situation as it now stands, with the police making an effort, at least, to enforce some of the Royal Parks’ regulations, with regards to music and praying. There was a hilarious ‘Thug Life’meme made of the police, (after the Sergeant informed Mohammed that they will NOT be leaving…). The amount of […]

‘Generation Identity’ Kent Conference – ‘sabotaged?’

Generation Identity had a shorter conference, both due to speakers being prevented from entering England and the news that Antifa had discovered where the conference was located! Austrian Martin Sellner, (and Hungarian Abel Bodi), were detained at Stansted Airport for no other reason than that they are concerned with the Islamification of Europe! Their political […]