What Fundamental Muslims REALLY think…..

The video should speak for itself….please show this to all pro-Islamic friends and family….education is the KEY!!


Tan of Speaker’s Corner – (on April 5th, 2018) – Said, ‘Hello’ to me…..

I was so moved by this wonderfully warm man – he said some lovely remarks to the camera, addressed to me….(especially, as he has since been banned from the UK)!

Analysis of More Speaker’s Corner Debates by JustSimon….

I spent a few hours on Sunday afternoon at Speaker’s Corner, where I had intended to produce legal documentation to the Park police and discuss their continuing confusion about their duties with regards to enforcing the Park Regulations.  Unfortunately, I only managed to speak with them for a couple of minutes, as we were rudely interrupted by a group of Muslims having a physical confrontation with each other…..

I spoke with Mohammed, Shamzi, Ali, a female muslim, an idiotic pair of ignorant white kids, who admitted that they had NOT read the Qur’an, yet felt able to attack me!!

Anyway, it was freezing cold afternoon, but I managed to last for about 3.5 hrs!  I had a temporary helper, named ‘George’….which was great, but spent most of the time alone, confronting everyone and anyone who confronted me….

Here is the great JustSimon13’s analysis of one of my encounters


Houses of Parliament for Event – TOMORROW!!! (Please comment)..

Well, this should be interesting!! 🤔🙄😂🤣😂🤣😂Coming up on Tuesday, 1st May! I WILL LISTEN WITH GREAT FASCINATION!

Would LOVE to have you let me know any questions you’d like me to ask, (if given the opportunity) – so please comment below, asap…Wish me luck!!

Islam- Speaker’s Corner, 24/4/18. Analysis by JustSimon13…..

Periscoper ‘JustSimon13’ –  does fantastic work.  His knowledge and understanding of Islam is impressive; he disagrees with it completely, BUT, his critical analysis is based on objective data, as he utilises source documents and video footage to back-up and explain everything.

He recently started to analyse some debates I’ve had at Speaker’s Corner, (as I used Periscope), with Muslims and non-Muslims alike.  I’ve found his input invaluable.

Our freedoms of speech and expression are in peril……it behooves all of us to learn all that we can about this evil ideology, so that we can tackle it from a base of knowledge, as opposed to trying to do it through ignorance….it is our DUTY to protect those freedoms for the generations to come.

RIP Alfie Evans – A Beautiful baby boy, (inexplicably), BETRAYED by ‘The System….’

At 2.30am little 23 month-old Alfie Evans lost his valiant battle for life.  May his parents endure their loss, knowing that they did everything in their power to fight to extend his precious life….but, were thwarted in their efforts by a System that forsook them.  God bless ….


  • House Intelligence Committee released their Report:  NO COLLUSION!!!
  • Free Speech and Generation Identity founder – flat raided and all computers, documents confiscated!!
  • ACID ATTACK – London – 3 people injured!!
  • President Trump hosts Angela Merkel, (the evil witch from Germany)!!
  • President Trump hosted Team USA at the White House!
  • Terrorist attack at London underground station – Marble Arch?

May 6th, Promotional Video: Freedom of Speech vs Twitter March & I’m in it!!

Wow – it really IS happening – I am in THE promotional video Tommy Robinson has been talking about!  It’s THE promotional video for a major ‘FREE SPEECH’ event which will take place on May 6th, in London – it is hoped that we will be able to go from Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London to the Twitter HQ and hear speeches from prominent Free Speech advocates – (I’m not sure who is speaking, yet, but will update when I do)…. the protest is against the major censorship being practised against MANY, MANY conservative voices, ESPECIALLY, via social media platforms: Twitter, You Tube, FB, etc….

We MUST AWAKEN our fellow citizens, both in Europe and America, as to what the future holds – The Death of Freedom of Speech and other ‘freedoms’….Sweden, France, Germany and other countries have ALL READY SHUT PEOPLE UP!!



BREAKING NEWS: UK/US/WORLD – Friday 27th April, 2018

  • NORTH and SOUTH KOREA have committed to ENDING their 68 YEAR ‘WAR’ – as they never declared ‘Peace’ at the end of our involvement!  This would be HUGE – ALL thanks to President Trump’s interventions!
  • The Royal baby’s name has been announced: Prince Louis of Cambridge…(I need to know why they would give a British Royal baby a FRENCH Christian name)?!!!
  • Angela Merkel – German Chancellor is now on an official visit to Washington – (apparently, trying to fend off a trade war)…I will investigate…
  • Alfie’s father has suddenly asked everyone, including #AlfiesArmy, to back down – (very odd – I think they’ve been pressured)…

News in Brief! USA & UK…

  • President Trump’s summer visit to the UK is officially announced – it will take place on Friday July 13th, but to my huge annoyance, it will apparently only be a one day, working one….All due to horrible people, who are clueless and THINK that they hate him!
  • Sadiq Khant, has given a veiled warning to President Trump, by suggesting that people opposed to him will be out in force for President Trump’s visit.
  • Alfie’s parents are still working on both getting him released AND getting him to Italy.  Latest news is that Alfie’s father has asked supporters to help build a bridge between them and the hospital, by lessening their anger.
  • Bill Cosby has been found guilty, after a retrial, on three counts of sexual assault against Andrea Constand.
  • Mike Pompeo has been sworn-in as the new Secretary of State for the U.S.A. (The Senate vote was 57-42.

Count Dankula & Freedom of Speech – Glasgow/London…EU/BREXIT!

I awoke early, fully expecting to have a quiet day, recuperating from my adventures yesterday; however, everything changed as soon as I checked my Twitter feed and saw that there was a ‘Free Count Dankula March’ in London from 1-4 pm!!  I somehow missed seeing the advertising of that event – and just assumed that, as his court case was happening in Glasgow and that his sentence hadn’t yet been determined, nothing would be arranged until after the sentencing.

Anyway, as my legs weren’t as bad as I feared they’d be, I quickly decided that I wanted to participate in the march, as I personally feel that any event that involves Free Speech being under threat, needs the utmost effort.

On a whim, I contacted Brigitte  to see whether she might be able to go and was very happy when she said she could and arranged to rendez-vous in Leicester Square, from where the march was starting.

(Fortunately, my dog Poppy was still at Pangdean Farm, so I didn’t have to worry about her)…

I made my way up to Victoria and then to Leicester Square, but was very frustrated to find out that I had missed the start of the march – as it had taken quite an effort to get there and the march was a big part of the event….Anyway, I contacted Brigitte and she told me that the marchers were all moving very quickly, and that I should just make my way over to Downing Street, where the speeches were due to be held.

I eventually arrived and was quite impressed with the size of the crowd, as it was a workday…  The purpose of the event was to speak out against the suppression of our free speech and also against the ‘sentence’ of Count Dankula.  As it happened, he was given an £800 fine, so, small mercy that he was not imprisoned, but STILL infuriating that he had been convicted of a crime, as this has now set a precedent for all future cases of a joke being perceived as an offensive act.  To make things simpler, I will include the video of what he actually did at the end of this blog.

After the set speakers finished, the announcer said that anyone could make speeches, etc., if they so chose…..eventually, Brigitte asked me if I wanted to say anything – and even though I had nothing prepared, I said I would give it a go……Unfortunately, time ran out before I had a chance…

I crossed the road and a guy who had a ‘Free Speech’ sign asked me to take his photo, which I did and then I had mine taken by him, also holding his home-made board….

Met back up with Steve and Brigitte and we made our way towards a pub – but once we were across from Parliament Square, I espied MORE EU flags hanging up on the same fencing as were there on Sunday!!  NOT FOR LONG!  We went over, Steve took my phone to film and I proceeded to take down the 6 more offending EU rags!


Soon after I took the last one down, (which both Steve and Brigitte filmed), I put them in Brigitte’s bag, which was just as well, as before we knew it, Steve spotted the obvious owner of the flags – (a twerp of a bloke, draped in EU crap), charging towards us!

He thought I had his flags, but I told him the truth, (as I didn’t actually HAVE them)!  We then proceeded to have a pro/anti-EU debate – he was a typical Remoaner – no clue – no facts…we demolished him and he scuttled away with two of his Remoaner ‘friends’…

As it was still early, I’d hoped to be able to film inside The Houses of Parliament on Periscope, but just AFTER I collected the ‘Debate’ pass, I realised that I had some unfortunate items in my bag – so I couldn’t go in!!!

Instead, I saw a group of people across the way, with bloody EU flags and banners, situated across the road from Parliament, doing an anti-Brexit protest.  Well, of course, I couldn’t resist and off I charged, to challenge these idiots to more debate about the outrage that is the ‘EU’….. I spent much longer than planned, but had fun taking all and sundry on – none of whom were able to give me any legitimate reasons for why they want to overturn our democratic vote for BREXIT:


Brigitte, Steve and I then made our way to a nearby pub, which is located across from the Houses of Parliament and spent several hours reminiscing about the past few weeks’ adventures.  It was great fun!


Had just composed a long blog about Sunday at Speaker’s Corner – when I ACCIDENTALLY LOST IT!!

Will do later!

Telford March Review….

Unfortunately, I was unable to go to Telford, due to my health. The title of the March, which was arranged by Luke of MBGA – stated to the police: ‘Stop The Rape of Our Girls’…

I checked their progress today and have to say that I was very disappointed with the turnout; although, one woman had travelled 200 MILES in order to participate!! 👏👏

Incredibly, I THINK I heard this same woman refer to ‘The Bacon Lady’…when talking about who was there, besides Luke….😳 I’m really hoping she didn’t, as I would feel terrible for not having gone….even though I couldn’t ….

Anyway, I believe that British people MUST start turning out in NUMBERS, in order for people to take serious notice of the message they are desperate to get out – namely, that the Islamification of the U.K. is causing horrific damage to Her People!!


#StoryTime 📚- Thomas Jefferson & The Tripoli Pirates.

Chapter 3 via Periscope….(plus a little bit about my adventures earlier today)!


Houses of Parliament – Euro Flags?? Take them DOWN, BABY!!

After my photo shoot for the Free Speech Event, I decided to swing by Parliament Square for a relaxing end to a beautiful day, (event-wise and weather-wise)…whilst there, I noticed a horrible sight – EU flags hanging outside the gates of The Houses of Parliament!!  Well – this is what happened next…..(An offence to The Brexit Vote had to be dealt with)!

(Apologies for the sound and video quality – my mic was faulty and I hadn’t realised that the footage was bitty)!



London photo-shoot for Tommy Robinson’s 6th May event.

I spent the afternoon with some amazing people – in preparation for a huge event which will be taking place on the 6th May – a MARCH for Freedom of Speech!


‘Free Speech’ Photo-Shoot in London – What a THRILL!

This afternoon I had one of the MOST surreal experiences of my life, as I spent several hours at a photo-shoot with Tommy Robinson. Not only that, but I was one of the participants in the shoot.

It was an honour to be with some very special people, who are also passionate about some of the major social and political issues of our time.

#LondonShoot!! 😎☀️🇬🇧

Oh YES!! I’m in London for a very, VERY exciting event!! Guess who I’m going to see:

“Free Speech, BABY”!!

I was just surfing YouTube videos about Speakers’ Corner and couldn’t believe my eyes, when I spotted myself in the crowd – joining in with people in the crowd yelling out, “Free Speech”!!

Spring Time in England! Baby budgies…..

A total change of tack – from UK politics and Islam to England and Spring-time newborns! I went by my favourite farm called Pangdean, which is located just 10 minutes from my home, (but feels much further, due to the total change of scenery – mine is in town and Pangdean is in the countryside), in order to drop Poppy off for a couple of days.
Whilst there, I decided to check-up on the budgie aviary, which has about 15 birds in it. I then checked on the breeding boxes, which is located adjacent to the aviary, in an enclosed shed-like structure and to my great surprise, I saw three little babies, (at first I thought there were only two, but on second inspection, I saw a super-tiny one and three unhatched eggs)!
I am happy to say that I managed to capture this on Periscope for others to enjoy!

Update on Speakers’ Corner & Sevenoaks’ events…

My Periscope covered the situation as it now stands, with the police making an effort, at least, to enforce some of the Royal Parks’ regulations, with regards to music and praying. There was a hilarious ‘Thug Life’meme made of the police, (after the Sergeant informed Mohammed that they will NOT be leaving…).
The amount of discussion that my actions have prompted is pretty mind-blowing! To this point, the footage of my actions has gone viral – over 1.8 million views, just on Tommy Robinson’s FB page alone!
My Twitter feed has gone bonkers since Easter Sunday!
I also covered what happened in Sevenoaks on Saturday the 14th with the ‘Antifa’ and members of Generation Identity. The latter group held a conference, (the topic of which was the Islamification of Europe), in a location which had been changed at the last minute, due to security reasons, as the original venue was sabotaged by Left groups!
The meeting was closed early, due to the news that Antifa had found out where they were and were on their way to shut them down.
The group went outside and were met with hostility and violence. One man, who was wearing a brown baseball cap and screamed out that ‘nazis’ were there and encouraged people to attack them!
Unbelievably, I spotted him in a video taken on Sunday, at Speakers’ Corner, almost doing the same thing!!

Ali Dawah and Mohammed Hajib, (of Speakers’ Corner ‘Fame’), Media Statement on My Actions from Easter Sunday, 2018!

Unbelievably, Ali Dawah and Mohammed Hajib decided to make a public statement about their ‘NEW POLICY’ concerning NOT PRAYING in Hyde Park, after MY INTERVENTION!!

Tan the Man, of Speakers’ Corner fame….thanking me..

I was very touched, when Brigitte told Tan that I said ‘Hi’ – and he turned to her and said these very kind words about me:

‘Generation Identity’ Kent Conference – ‘sabotaged?’

Generation Identity had a shorter conference, both due to speakers being prevented from entering England and the news that Antifa had discovered where the conference was located! Austrian Martin Sellner, (and Hungarian Abel Bodi), were detained at Stansted Airport for no other reason than that they are concerned with the Islamification of Europe! Their political viewpoints were held against them, which happens to be a breach of the Human Rights’ Act, 1998, Article 10 – Freedom of Expression!!

Speakers’ Corner Meme

One of my lovely supporters put a smile on my face with this Tweet:

Based Amys Periscope 10/04/2018 Speakers Corner Update!


#BasedAmy #AmysArmada #SpeakersCorner # Breaking


#BasedAmy #AmysArmada #SpeakersCorner # Breaking


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